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Strikeout! Umpire Gets Booed For Not Letting Bat Dog Fetch Bat

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It’s not uncommon for umpires to get moans of disapproval from the crowd, but the ump at a Las Vegas Aviators game got the loudest boo of his life when he interfered with a beloved bat dog just trying to do his very important job.

At Tuesday’s Las Vegas Aviators class AAA baseball game, fans were very vocal about their disapproval of the home plate umpire’s actions toward Finn, the team’s beloved bat dog.

Finn has been an MVP for the team since 2016, winning over crowds of fans not just for his speed and efficiency at picking up bats on the field, but for doing it all with a wagging tail and a huge Labrador smile.

And, on Tuesday, an umpire learned just how much Las Vegas fans love Finn when he snatched up a bat off the mound as Finn was running over to retrieve it and tossed it aside.

Unbothered by the umpire’s bad call, Finn, a sweet soul with the heart of a dog, happily trotted to where the bat was thrown and retrieved it from there, without skipping a beat.

Good boy, Finn!

Fans can keep up with Finn on his very own Twitter page, right here!

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