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Infographic: How to Keep Canines Safe For 4th of July Fireworks

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With 4th of July just a few weeks away, many of us are planning BBQs and celebrations with friends and family. However, the 4th of July is an especially tough holiday for the four-legged members of our family!

While it’ll come as no surprise to many owners to hear that dogs are terrified of fireworks, this fear can pose a serious threat to your dog’s safety. During holiday fireworks, some dogs end up bolting from home in fear and go missing.

July 5th is the busiest day of the year for many animal shelters, as lost and confused pets are found wandering the streets, far from home.

In an effort to help protect pets this 4th of July, K9 of Mine has released a new infographic on how to keep your dog safe and calm during fireworks!

Keep these tips in mind for a safe and fun 4th with your dog!

What do you think of the tips below? Do you have any firework safety tips to add?


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