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Infographic: The Healing Power of Dogs

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We already know how much joy a dog can bring into our lives. But, did you know there are enormous health benefits as well?

It’s been scientifically proven that dogs can improve our mental and physical well-being, just by being a part of our lives!

The Healing Power Of Dogs – An infographic by the team at ZocDoc

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  1. I believe that dogs are the best option to heal your soul.

  2. Avatar Of Letícia



    Hey, I couldn’t find in your list of sources the one you used in the second infographic. Can you indicate to me which one is, please?

  3. Could I get a jpeg or pdf of this or a hard copy.

    Thank you for your effort.

  4. My dog also helped me overcome my anxiety disorder – which included a fear of dogs! Our story, “Saved by Gracie: How a rough-and-tumble rescue dog dragged me back to health, happiness, and God” was published this year by Authentic Publishers and featured in the October issue of Guideposts magazine. Dogs are truly miracle-workers!

  5. Avatar Of Brenda



    I’ve always known that my pups helped me in all kinds of ways, emotionally, physically, psychologically. This article highlighted these attributes beautifully. My pups make my life better, by far!

  6. Avatar Of Sue Drouin Sue Drouin says:

    I would to have a print out of this, is a .pdf available?

  7. Avatar Of Jethro'S Mommy

    Jethro's Mommy


    I think the ending of the article is wrong. There are definitely side effects of having a dog.
    Depending on the kind of pooch you have, there might be a lot more furry tumbleweeds rolling around you house. Also, weight loss! If you have to deal with those puppy eye every time you snack, you might find yourself snacking less!

    …at least, these were the side effects when we rescued our pooch.

  8. Avatar Of Sharon Landy

    Sharon Landy


    My Dog a Black Lab is my dearest love I need her so very much she is a rescue and will be 11 in July. Every night I pray that she gets to live longer as our first two BLK. Labs only lived to not quite ten yrs. Old.they both go t sick & had to be put down. This one is crippled with Arthritis but on Rimadyr so now a lot better. I just could
    ! She recently had surger for two tumors thankfully they were not
    Cancerous. She was only gone from 9 am – 3pm but to me it was forever before it was time for husband to go get her. Maybe because I am 73 & disabled is why I am so bonded with her. The kids are all grown so are all the grand kids now so no more babysitting. . When I am sick just being with her makes me feel better..I need her right beside me no matter how sick I am. ! ! !

  9. Avatar Of Dan



    My dog a jack Russell terrier does exactly the same ,he’s like a dogtor
    It’s like he always knows where the pain is !

  10. Avatar Of Smaranda Jim Smaranda Jim says:

    This is so true, I love my dog and would feel far less content without him. My elderly parents are also much happier with a dog in the house.
    It is important to still feel needed as you get older and children leave the house.

  11. Avatar Of Pat Ford Pat Ford says:

    I have noticed that my dog licks places on my body where I hurt or am hurt. It is said the licking heals and it does seem to help ..Any thoughts or facts pertaining to this?

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