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Interesting Dog Trivia And Facts

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Interested in some fascinating dog trivia and facts? I thought so, as I enjoy this type of information as well. Dog owners love these little tidbits of trivia about their favorite animals so read on. You might learn a few things about our beloved pets to pass on to other dog lovers.

Interesting dog trivia and facts

The amount of money spent on dog food is 4 times as much as what is spent on baby food, 1.8 billion dollars.

The most common name for a dog is Max and while many people believe dogs sweat by panting this is not true—they sweat through the pads on their feet.

The Bible mentions dogs 14 times and the French Poodle did not originate in France.

I have always wondered why my dogs circle their bed several times before lying down. This goes back to when they were not yet domesticated. The dog would do this in the selected spot to check for snakes or other possible intruders in the spot. They also tend to lie with their nose to the wind as a precaution so their nose will pick up the scent of another animal or human moving towards them. They circle as a way to distribute their scent in the chosen spot so they can use this scent to bring them back, and this is also a way the dog softens up his bedding spot.

This is very interesting dog trivia—researchers have proven dogs can smell the presence of cancer in humans! Most people already know research has shown people who own a dog live longer, have fewer hearts attacks and less daily stress.

Of all the breeds of dogs, only the Chow has a black tongue. All others are pink.

96% of pet owners admit their dog brings a smile to their face at least once a day while 33% talk to their dog on the phone as well as leaving messages on the answering machine for their dogs while they are away from home. One last very interesting piece of dog trivia I find telling, is at least one million dog owners have made their dog the main beneficiary in their will. Do we love our dogs or not?

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1 Comment

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    Actually, Chow Chows are not alone in having blue/black tongues. Their cousin, the Shar-Pei also have blue/black tongues, which can vary from lavander hue in dogs with dilute pigmentation to black in the fully pigmented ones. Also Eurasiers (which have Chow ancestry) can have a tongue that can be solid or spotted with black.

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