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Is the Time Right To Buy a Puppy?

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The title to this article might not make sense to many, but let me explain why there is a good time to bring a puppy into your home, and why there is a wrong time to do so. During and upcoming holiday such as Valentine’s or Christmas, or a birthday, puppy sales increase dramatically. One of the best gifts for a child, wife, best friend, girlfriend, and so on is a cute little fluffy puppy. Who does not love seeing one of these little guys under the Christmas tree? We all do, but a month later reality sets in, and all the responsibilities of training, housebreaking, and much more sinks in. So we need to avoid buying a puppy until the time is right.

So when is the time right? If the puppy is for a child the time is right after you and the child have decided when the best time to bring the pup into the family is right. This will be at a time when the child has the free time to care for the pup.

During summer break from school is a great time because you and your child can concentrate on the pup, and his or her housebreaking training, behavioral training, and spend time bonding with the newest family member.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    Not actually commenting on when it is or is not a good time to get a puppu, but warning people to check REALLY thoroughly that the puppy you’re getting isn’t a puppymillproduct… moderndogmagazine.com/articles/puppy-hell-horrors-puppy-mills/269

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