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Kabang The Hero Dog Saves Two Girls

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Who says that mixed breed types cannot make a difference? A hero dog from Zamboanga City, Philippines, named Kabang, saved the lives of two girls. She is an Aspin/Askal (Filipino breed of dog) who was hit by a motorcycle and lost her snout, while rescuing the girls.

She will be taken to the United States for surgery, but first she was taken to Manila on Sunday morning (September 9th), and will stay there for two weeks for a stem cell treatment. The dog’s immunity will be boosted by the stem cell treatment, according to Veterinarian Anton Lim, to prepare her for the upcoming operation in the US.

According to Lim, the required budget for the surgery of Kabang’s protruding bone on her face would be around USD $20,000. But so far, the Team Kabang has only raised about $10,000 from donations by kind people and organizations. The team is also very grateful to the people who have contributed to Kabang’s surgery budget and help out the poor dog. And take note: it was not just Filipino personalities and groups who donated for her surgery; there have been donations from many different countries. Kabang’s medicine has also been donated with the help of the Animal Welfare Coalition of the Philippines (AWC).

Kabang can be seen on the following Philippine television clip, posted on YouTube:  click here to watch

But for now, let us look back at the story of Kabang and how she became a hero. On December 14th last year, two girls from Zamboanga, Cousins Dina Bunggal (11 years old) and Princess Diansing (3 years old) were crossing the streets of Nuñez Extension. They did not know, unfortunately, that a speeding motorcycle was headed towards them. And luckily, Kabang, who is the family dog of the Bunggal family, rushed in to protect the girls, at the cost of her safety. The two girls stumbled but were unharmed, and the motorcycle driver, also unharmed, took the dog and the girls to the nearest medical facility in the area. According to an eyewitness, Jovito Urpiano, he was taking a lunch break at an eatery when he saw the motorcycle was stopped by Kabang and thus, saving the girls. And he also saw how Kabang’s snout got stuck on the motorcycle’s front wheel. “I thought somebody threw the dog on the motorcycle, but I could not see anyone who might have done that,” he said, and further realized that the dog had intentionally blocked the motorcycle.

After the family had discovered what happened, they pulled her out of the motorcycle, with crushed bones in her snout, but she ran away at that very instant, and only came back home after two weeks. But despite her horrific physical change, the Bunggal family did not mind, for Kabang was definitely a hero who saved the lives of the two girls, Dina and Princess. “It does not matter if she’s ugly now. What is important to us is she saved our children and we cannot thank her enough for that,” said Rudy Bunggal, Dina’s father.

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