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Kansas Veterinarians Warn Residents of Intentional Dog Poisoning

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The Potwin Pet Clinic Of Topeka, Kansas Posted This Warning To Their Counter. Image Via The Topeka-Capital Journal. Http://M.cjonline.com/News/2014-03-17/Veterinarians-Warn-Rat-Poisoning-Incidents
The Potwin Pet Clinic of Topeka, Kansas posted this warning to their counter. Image via The Topeka-Capital Journal. http://m.cjonline.com/news/2014-03-17/veterinarians-warn-rat-poisoning-incidents

The Potwin Pet Clinic and other veterinarians and clinics in Topeka, Kansas are urging local residents to use caution when allowing their dogs outdoors.

The warnings come on the heels of the illness and death of 15 area dogs after consuming rat poison, presumably planted in yards.

A sign taped to the counter at Potwin Pet Clinic in Topeka stated: “FYI: It has been brought to our attention that there have been several cases on the SE side of town of dogs ingesting rat poison that has been thrown into the yard. A white van has been seen throwing white bags into the yards and so far 15 dogs have died from ingesting the poison. Inspect your yards carefully and DO NOT leave your dogs outside at night.”

The nearby Animal Care Center of Topeka reported several cases as well, with one client reporting having seen a white van driving through the area, throwing food items into yards.

Topeka Police Department’s animal control manager, Linda Halford, could not confirm the number of poisoning cases, but urges pet parents to monitor their pets’ health and to report any incidents.

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