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Kids Find Emaciated Dog Tied to a Tree Where She’d Been Starving for at Least 2 Months

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Two young kids playing in the woods made a shocking discovery last weekend when they found an emaciated dog tied to a tree where rescuers suspect she’d been trapped, starving, for at least two months.

Emaciated Dog

A brother and sister, 14-year old Victoria and 10-year old Louis, took a shortcut through a wooded area near their Pitt County, North Carolina home to go fishing at a nearby river.

When they reached their fishing spot, they heard whining coming from the nearby woods. It was in those woods that the duo found an emaciated dog tied to a tree. Knowing she was close to death, the kids untied her and brought her out of the woods and to an adult for help.

Pitt County Animal Shelter Director Michele Whaley says the dog, now named Tanzie, was severely emaciated and very weak. She is estimated to be between one and two years old.

Based on her condition, police believe she was tied to the tree, without food and water, for at least two months before Victoria and Louis found her.

Had they not found her when they did, she very likely would not have survived more than a few more days, perhaps even mere hours.

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the abuse and urges anyone with information on this case to call 252-902-1726. A reward for information is being offered through Crime Stoppers.

“To be quite honest, I think [a reward is] what it’s going to take,” Whaley said. “Somebody knows something.”

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