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Labs, Frenchies and Doxies Became ‘Chonkiest’ Breeds During Lockdowns

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A platform for dog-friendly holidays has revealed which dog breeds piled on the most pounds during lockdowns, with Labrador Retrievers, French Bulldogs, and Dachshunds named the ‘chonkiest’ dogs in 2020.

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The research conducted by Dog Friendly Retreats found five breeds that gained the most weight this year along with how many pounds they packed on. The survey of more than 1,700 dog owners found that the average dog gained 2.7 lbs since the beginning of the first national lockdown, with Labrador Retrievers gaining the most on average. Frenchies and Doxies followed closely behind with Beagles and German Shepherds rounding out the top five chonky breeds.

  1. Labrador Retrievers + 4.1 lb on average
  2. French Bulldogs + 3.8 lb on average 
  3. Daschunds + 3 lb on average
  4. Beagles + 2.1 lb on average
  5. German Shepherds + 2lb on average

When asked for the reasons they believed their dog had gained weight, more than half of respondents (52%) stated that spending more time with their pets had led to overfeeding them. A third (32%) stated that the number of walks they had taken their dog on had reduced, with three quarters (74%) of dog owners admitting to not prioritizing their dog through the lockdown.

The research also revealed a clear correlation between dogs living in households with children, and them maintaining or losing weight this year – 59% of dogs that didn’t put weight on came from a family home with kids.

To view the full survey results and guide to help keep your dog healthy, visit: www.dogfriendlyretreats.com/blog/labradors-named-plumpest-breed-in-new-pet-obesity-research/

The guide includes vet-approved top tips such as how to keep your dog moving regularly and safely monitor their food intake.

“Dogs are still undeniably mans’ best friend but sometimes we can treat our friends just a little bit too well. I’m not surprised that being home with our dogs more often is affecting their weight, after all, it’s been affecting the waistlines of us humans too,” said Josh Williams of Dog Friendly Retreats.

“Helping our dogs get back in their prime is as simple as a few lifestyle tweaks and I’m sure the whole family will feel happier and healthier for it, including our furry friends!”

Dog Friendly Retreats was launched in 2018 with the goal of bringing the best dog friendly holiday cottages from the UK and Ireland into one easy-to-search place. The team at Dog Friendly Retreats are all massive dog-lovers and relish being able to connect pet owners with great places to stay at great prices.

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