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Las Vegas Woman Arrested After Leaving Dog in Hot Car… AGAIN

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A Las Vegas woman was arrested on animal cruelty charges after leaving her dog locked inside a hot car just three days after getting the pup back from Clark County Animal Control for committing the same offense.

On July 9, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called to the parking lot outside of an area Goodwill store where a small white dog was found locked inside a parked SUV. Officers entered the Goodwill store to locate the owner of the vehicle. Alexandra Evans, 25, said she’d been inside the store for about 10-minutes but that her boyfriend had taken the keys to the SUV.

As outside temperatures reached 111-degrees, the dog began showing signs of distress. Officers broke the passenger door window and rescued the pup from certain agony and possible death.

An Animal Control Officer arrived on the scene to assist and recognized Evans as the same woman that had been arrested for leaving her dog inside the same SUV just days earlier. In a June 27th incident, Evans had been arrested after leaving her dog, Rio, locked inside the vehicle while parked in front of the Wild Wild West Casino. She was arrested and charged with malicious torture of a dog.

Following the earlier hot car incident, Rio was held by Clark County Animal Control until July 6, when Evans met with officers to reclaim her dog and receive a citation for leaving him locked in the hot car.

Just three days after being cited, she did it again.

Evans is currently being held in the Clark County Detention Center on $3,000 bail, charged with putting the animal in danger. She is scheduled to appear in court on July 26. Rio will remain in the care of Animal Control while an investigation is completed. It is unclear whether she will be permitted to reclaim the dog a second time.

“Heatstroke for dogs can happen within 15 minutes of exposure to these conditions,” according to the arrest report. “With the outside temperature being at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it only takes 15 minutes for the inside of a locked vehicle which is not running with air conditioning to reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit.”

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