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Leaked FDA Document Shows Lack of Proper Testing of Chicken Jerky

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Over 600 official reports of illness or death related to China-made chicken jerky dog treats have been filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since 2007. Over 500 of these complaints were filed since November 2011 when the FDA released an official update for consumers.

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In their caution to consumers, the FDA states:

FDA, in addition to several animal health diagnostic laboratories in the U.S., is working to determine why these products are associated with illness in dogs. FDA’s Veterinary Laboratory Response Network (VLRN) is now available to support these animal health diagnostic laboratories. To date, scientists have not been able to determine a definitive cause for the reported illnesses. FDA continues extensive chemical and microbial testing but has not identified a contaminant.

But, an FDA document leaked to the public tells a different story.

The document – confirmed as valid by the FDA – details the variety of tests performed on chicken jerky treats since 2007.

According to reports from dog owners and veterinarians, after eating the chicken jerky treats, dogs exhibit symptoms related to liver failure or Fanconi Syndrome, a condition of the liver tubes, resulting in lethargy, decreased appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The FDA has extensively tested for Salmonella and molds – over 84 times! – although neither of these contribute to renal failure.

In fact, heavy metals are a leading cause of renal failure in dogs, and yet the FDA has only just begun to test for these metals in the jerky treats. According to this document, results of heavy metal testing are still pending. Heavy metals include chromium, copper, gold, iron, lead, mercury, nickel, silver, zinc, and more. All known to cause renal failure when fed to dogs in toxic levels.

Interestingly, a majority of the samples being tested by the FDA are currently undergoing DNA analysis. Is it possible that these treats aren’t even made of chicken?

For whatever reason, our Food and Drug Administration has been far too passive in their investigation and testing of the treats imported from China that, even today, sit on store shelves.

How many more dogs have to die before these products are pulled?

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