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Lola’s Legacy: How a Pink Letter Could Put an End to Puppy Mills

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Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl.


Lola was rescued from a puppy mill in October of 2012. A victim of the commercial breeding industry, Lola was born with one eye, had her tail removed, and suffered from a genetic disease due to poor breeding. Because of the amazingly selfless work of National Mill Dog Rescue, Lola was rescued and given the opportunity for a wonderful life with Sandra Parker Rouse, an NMDR volunteer.

Immediately, this spunky little pup, famous for her sparkly eye patch, wild white hair, and her love of life touched the hearts of thousands. Fans followed Lola, and brother Luka, on Facebook for the next 6-months as she learned what it meant to be a dog, to sleep in a soft bed, to play in the grass, and to be loved and cherished.

Friends and fans rejoiced in her triumphs – from learning to play to trying peanut butter for the first time! We learned from Lola that gentle facebites from a tiny pup were the ultimate expression of love, and to enjoy every moment in life. We collectively shared heartbreak in April, 2013, when little Lola’s short life came to an end.

Though Lola left this world too soon, she left us with a better understanding of the horrors of puppy mills and an interminable need to put an end to the commercial breeding industry that both brought her into the world and ultimately took her away.

This is Lola’s Legacy.

To continue her legacy and the fight against puppy mills, fans from all over the world will be sending pink letters in pink envelopes to lawmakers pleading for their help. Letters will be mailed on what would have been Lola’s second birthday, October 1, 2014.

Lola’s human mom Sandra told us, “If you want to know the power of a legacy, let me tell you about Lola. She was discarded at the puppy mill because she was born with only one eye. National Mill Dog Rescue saved her little life and brought her to Luka and I in December. Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl, that was evident from the beginning.

“In March, she started to show symptoms of illness and by April 15th, she left us because of a genetic brain disease likely due to over breeding. Since that time, her legacy has included a rescue in her honor, saving 86 mill dogs and countless folks have been motivated to adopt, foster and volunteer, all over the country, in her memory. Now, with everyone’s help, we will be sending a rain of pink missives to lawmakers, letting them know that we won’t be silent when it comes to the treatment of dogs in puppy mills.”

To be a part of Lola’s Legacy to end puppy mills, please join us in mailing your own pink letter. Thousands of pink envelopes landing on the desks of lawmakers cannot be ignored!

Below is a sample letter you may use, or feel free to write your own:

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl.

Having been born in a puppy mill with only one eye, she was discounted and discarded.  National Mill Dog Rescue picked her up when she was only 7 weeks old.  She was then adopted and was set to live a wonderfully spoiled life, but over breeding at the puppy mill set a different fate in motion and at 6 months old, after weeks of seizures, little Lola died of a genetic brain disorder.

The laws regarding the regulation of puppy mills allow this scenario to play out over and over without end.  Please support legislation to end the INHUMANE practices of puppy mills and give the USDA stronger guidelines.  Please help, we are counting on you.

Her name was Lola.  She was a showgirl.

Signed,  a registered voter.

You can find the mailing address of local and national lawmakers at the following link:  http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

Please, join the fight against puppy mills. Honor little Lola and her legacy. Together, we CAN make a difference.

Please comment below to let the world know you’ll be sending a pink letter on October 1!

Then, ‘LIKE’ Luka and Lola on Facebook by clicking here.

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  1. Avatar Of Marla Pena Gonzales

    Marla Pena Gonzales


    May you R.I.P. sweet Lola, you have touched the lives of so many.

  2. Avatar Of Rhonda



    I’m in tears over this, poor baby had a horrible start then got her forever family who spoiled & loved her…. And she died at six mos! I will do my part to help stop puppy mills!!!

  3. Avatar Of Dawn Sternlieb

    Dawn Sternlieb


    Sending letters in pink envelopes to the MA state lawmakers! keep up the good work!

  4. Avatar Of Annette &Amp; Edward Sutton

    Annette & Edward Sutton


    We are getting our pink on today for Lola and every other puppy mill dog, past and present and future. Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl…and she was loved!

  5. Avatar Of Judy Hartman Judy Hartman says:

    My heart breaks when I think of all the dogs in puppy mills. I have a puppy mill survivor. She was a mommy for 8 years, then they literally threw her and a few others out in a garbage bag on garbage day. Had it not been for the Humane Society somewhere in Missouri my little girl would have been chewed up by a garbage truck!

    When she was rescued she was all yellow from urine. Her toes were all splayed from the cage. Her toenails were grown into the pads and the paws had to be soaked and the nails cut in half so the parts that were in the pads could be removed. She couldn’t walk. She only dragged herself around by her front legs. Her one back leg doesn’t go into the hip socket. She had tumors on her belly. Now she is a beautiful little girl and she not only goes for walks but can “run” with her big brother.

    We were told by the rescue group that she wasn’t going to live very long. I said I didn’t care, I wanted her. That was almost 5 years ago! I didn’t want her living in a Puppy Mill for 8 years and dying in a shelter.

    Now she is a healthy, happy, spoiled little girl who is loved so very much.

  6. Avatar Of Cynthia Finger

    Cynthia Finger


    I own property in New Mexico and in Colorado. Will be sending pink letters to both state lawmakers in memory of Lola. {My “Sugar” is watching from The Rainbow Bridge}, my current “rescue dog”, Wrigley, agrees!

  7. Avatar Of Lea Allen

    Lea Allen


    I will be sending pink letters to lawmakers in my area in honor of Lola and all of the others like her.

  8. Avatar Of Rhonda Lott Rhonda Lott says:

    I am making my letter now and will mail it on October 1st

  9. Avatar Of Mary Anne Audette

    Mary Anne Audette


    My letters are ready to be posted!! Bless you little Lola, I am sure you are watching from the Rainbow Bridge, you were destined to make a change for the better! Facebites to you!

  10. Avatar Of Gina Sicina

    Gina Sicina


    I’ll be sending pink letters to my lawmakers!!! Love & Facebites to Lola at the Bridge

  11. Avatar Of Vicki, Artie And Dexter

    Vicki, Artie and Dexter


    We’ll be writing our letters. We loved her and miss her every day. Love and facebites to Luka and their human.

  12. Avatar Of Cheryl



    As mom to several rescued puppy mill refugees young and old, there will be a lot of pink letters leaving my hands this week!

  13. Avatar Of Laura



    I have signed petitions and sent letters via email to various public
    offices. I do not have a printer and I do not have pink paper or pink
    envelopes. It would be so much easier if there were some automated
    process with email addresses and also telephone numbers for the voters
    to contact their respective representatives in their states instantaneously,
    like some of the other animal activist sites do. I’m not saying to not send a pink letter, I’m only saying that in addition to that, there should be an option for those of us who don’t have working printers at home or time to go buy a ream of pink paper. It’s frustrating because I do want all puppy mills to one day be a thing of the past, along with circuses that include animals, rodeo’s and factory farming. We must automate the process completely. Snail mail is good too, but we need to hit them from every angle.

    • Avatar Of Sandra



      Send an email with Pink Font! That might make a difference.

    • Avatar Of Patrisia Rawlins

      Patrisia Rawlins


      Most elected officials have a Facebook page! You can send them your comments and add pink hearts by typing a <3 for each heart. I use Facebook to contact my legislators all the time, and I do get replies.

  14. Avatar Of Tina Birket

    Tina Birket


    I will be sending out a number of pink letters on Oct. 1st. I abhor puppy mills and especially the Amish breeders in my area. They treat these dogs horribly and MUST BE STOPPED!

    • Avatar Of Karen Loiseaux

      Karen Loiseaux


      I am saddened to hear that the Amish are mistreating animals! They depend on animals to help do their work in the fields and they depend on animals to pull there carts for there transportation ! I am shocked to hear that they might use our best friends the doggies to make money be over breeding and breeding unwisely without regard to the welfare of the dogs! Please look to your religious values and think if this is how God wishes us to treat his creatures of the earth! Is this how He wants us to care for those he has entrusted to us for safekeeping !

  15. Avatar Of Bobbie Guerra

    Bobbie Guerra


    with open heart and pen in hand pink will fly from colorado

  16. Avatar Of Sue C

    Sue C


    I bought my puppy from a recognized pet store in the States and Canada. I was having problems training him and contacted the pet store; after many conversations with the owner and threats to get a lawyer, he finally told me where my puppy came from. With the help of the SPCA, he was in fact, a helpless victim of puppy mill breeding.
    I don’t know to this day what breed(s) he really is and he does have classic puppy mill traits.
    This chain of pet stores has closed down, due to puppy mill breeding.
    I am so blessed to have my dog, now 14 years old. He has beaten the odds for a long life.
    I will do anything I can to help shutting down all puppy mills and giving these helpless dogs the life of love, security and friendship like they should all be entitled to have.

  17. Avatar Of Laura Mcgannon

    Laura McGannon


    All of these puppy mills have to be shut down. The dogs and puppies suffer so much and do not deserve a minute of it. I will def send a pink letter…

  18. Avatar Of Patti R

    Patti R


    All ready and so much willing to support this cause (my little adopted Sara concurred!) But no links or sources in South Carolina … I’m very ashamed of my state. Did put the word out on my displeasure … lets see who bites! Let you know!

  19. Avatar Of Patti R

    Patti R


    got the paper … making my envelope.

  20. Avatar Of Karla Ramirez




  21. Avatar Of Debra Cochran

    Debra Cochran


    This little puppy suffered a fate that happens all to often to mill puppies. To get a healthy thriving puppy, you need healthy thriving parents. Grab some pink paper and let YOUR elected official learn about Lola ♥

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