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Loyal Dog Leads Family to Unconscious Girls After They Were Struck by Lightning

A loyal dog is being hailed a hero after leading his family to a pair of young girls unconscious after they were struck by lightning.

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Two young girls were attending a family reunion in Beaver County, Utah when they were struck by lightning and left unconscious. Thankfully, their loyal dog instinctively knew how to get help.

The girls, aged 8 and 16, were riding an ATV away from their campsite when the got off the vehicle to look around. Thankfully, they’d taken the family dog along. As they headed back to the ATV to return to camp, both girls were struck by lightning and knocked unconscious.

The loyal dog quickly returned to camp and alerted the family who followed him back to where the girls were found in serious condition.

Both girls were flown by helicopter to the Beaver Valley Hospital, and from there Life Flight took them to Primary Children’s Hospital.

The 8-year old girl remains in critical condition but “has made steady improvements and is responding to the medical interventions from the staff at Primary Children’s Hospital,” a press release from the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office stated. The 16-year old has made “great improvements” and is now in stable condition and recovering.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Robert

    Jun 18, 2019 at 2:28 am

    Goodness. I hope bith girls recovered.

    Good doggie. What a handsome fellow.
    Have a bone and a cuddle 🙂

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