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Loyal Dog Stands Guard Over Four-Legged Friend Struck by Car

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This heartbreaking photo tells the sad story of a loyal dog found guarding the body of his four-legged friend after she was struck by a car and killed on Sunday morning in Dallas.

When Samuel Flores snapped the photo above and posted it to social media, volunteers rushed to the scene to rescue the loyal Great Pyrenees who refused to leave his canine friend’s side, even after she passed away.

Rescuers say it appears that the dog was hit by a car in the street before the Great Pyrenees dragged her off of the street and stood guard over her body, possibly for several hours, until help arrived.

Now, this loyal, grieving friend is being cared for by Dallas Animal Services who are trying to find out who he is and if he has a family that’s looking for him. He was not wearing a collar and was not microchipped, so it is unknown whether he was homeless and living as a stray or if he escaped from his family.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Debbie Evans Debbie Evans says:

    I have been involved in Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue for 15 maybe more years. I appreciate someone that will adopt a senior. It is very hard to rehome a senior. Olive is one lucky Golden.Thank you for opening your heart and your home.

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