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VIDEO: Lucky Dog Inherits a Fortune

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A Fort Worth, Texas dog named Lucky was named the sole heir to one man’s fortune.

Lucky’s owner, Kenneth Bortz had collection a lifetime worth of treasures. From fine China and antique furniture, to silver trinkets and other worldly collectibles, by the time of his death, Bortz had amassed enough treasure to fill 10 homes. But there was one thing he loved more than all of his money – his dog, Lucky.

KHOU News from Houston reported,

“His ritual at the end of the day was sit out by his fountain, and he’d hand-feed anybody that showed up,” recalled Tim Connolly, the trust manager. Connolly said he was was once named the heir to the estate until Bortz changed his will and gave it all to Lucky the dog.

Since a slew of valuables are basically useless for a dog, an estate sale is being held. Money earned from the sale of Lucky’s inherited fortune will be used for his lifelong care – and a bit of pampering.

“For Kenneth, his dogs were basically his children, his family,” Said Skipper Dixon, a close friend of Bortz, who also admitted he was not surprised when the worldly possessions were left to a dog.

Bortz remaining family, a few nieces and nephews living in the midwest, will inherit what’s left of the Bortz fortune when Lucky the dog lives out the rest of his years.

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