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Mailman Caught on Camera Routinely Pepper-Spraying a Fenced Dog for Months

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A months-long mystery was finally solved after a California dog owner installed surveillance cameras and captured his mailman routinely pepper-spraying his fenced dog.

Alfonso Galindo, a father of two young children and a 7-year old Poodle-mix named Pupa, began noticing strange stains appearing on the patio of his southern California home. After several months of the unidentified staining, Galindo installed surveillance cameras outside his home. So, when the strange stains appeared again last week, he turned to the video footage to finally solve the mystery.

What he saw on the video was both shocking and heartbreaking.

At about 11:00am last Tuesday, cameras captured a USPS mailman walking toward Galindo’s mailbox, which sits outside of the family’s metal gate. Behind the fence, 7-year old Poodle-mix, Pupa, posed no threat to the mail carrier. Still, as he approached the home, a can of pepper spray can be seen hanging from the mailman’s wrist. He gives a quick spray through the fence, toward Pupa, before depositing the mail and carrying on as usual.

Further video footage shows Pupa writhing, rubbing her eyes and face on the ground in apparent pain and discomfort.

Galindo reviewed saved video footage – about a month’s worth – and counted 9 other instances where Pupa was sprayed by the mailman in only the past few weeks. Thinking back over several months, Galindo recalls several instances where Pupa turned up with red eyes, but that they always returned to normal shortly after.

Now, Galindo wonders if Pupa wasn’t the only family member affected by the pepper spray. Over the last 6 months, both of Galindo’s children – 3-year old Alfonso Jr. and 1-year old Regina, have suffered with respiratory problems. “Countless trips to the ER and Urgent Care, and countless medications,” Galindo told WTKR.

Galindo has since filed a police report as well as made a complaint to the US Postal Service.

“I believe what he’s done to our family is criminal,” said Galindo.

After an internal investigation, the USPS released a public apology to Galindo.

“On behalf of the United States Postal Service, we want to apologize to the Galindo family and Pupa,” reads the statement, according to NBC7. “We do not condone our employees behaving in a manner which is not professional and courteous. The appropriate personnel and corrective action will be taken as well as training given to all local letter carriers.”

Galindo says Pupa is a friendly family dog. The small Poodle-mix is hardly a threat, especially behind a fence. He wonders if other dogs along the same mail route have been routinely pepper-sprayed, too. Anyone who believes their pet may have been pepper sprayed in the Otay Mesa area is asked to call San Diego Police at 619-531-2000.

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  1. Avatar Of Booper



    Imagine working a job where you are routinely attacked by dogs careless owners leave unattended in their front yards. Then an angry mob of Karens demand you be fired for protecting yourself.

  2. Avatar Of Deborah



    That mail carrier is one damned sick psychopath who deserves to be fired, sued, locked up, beaten, AND pepper sprayed or MACED!!! He is an ABSOLUTE MONSTER, and a serious THREAT to ALL. That sweet little dog is not any threat, and I fear for the German Shepherd watch dog, not far from where I live, because he appears vicious, and barks, but is NO threat because he is locked behind a fence, in his own yard, and nobody has any business breaking into that yard, nor home. When I pass by, which is rarely, I tell him he is a very good watch dog, but I fear harm will come to him, since sickos harm animals who do not even bark, nor appear vicious, nor ARE vicious. Imagine what these MONSTERS would do to that poor German Shepherd.

  3. Avatar Of Susan H.

    Susan H.


    He needs to be fired!!!

  4. Avatar Of Lynn Kirsch

    Lynn Kirsch


    They need to publish this fat douche bag’s name and post it all over social media!! And I hope that this pos was fired!!!!

  5. Avatar Of Christine



    The man didnt spray your dog. It clearly shows in the video he had it hanging from his hand and dropped the mail off. He didnt touch the spray nor did he spray the dog. 99% of mail carriers carry the spray for protection. You jeed to stop trying to get this man fired. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  6. Avatar Of Fran Davies

    Fran Davies


    That cowardly piece of shit should lose his job!

    • Avatar Of Liz



      For me i will also spray his entire body with green paint and lets see what he can do with that…damn sociopath…

  7. Avatar Of Angelo Villahermosa

    Angelo Villahermosa


    Do not let this creep get away with this crime or he will do the same thing to other animals..he should be fired and got to jail for this

    • Avatar Of James



      For sure – no damn “training” by USPS – get rid of this creep – also should be charged with animal cruelty and sued by this dog owner for damages and expenses to his family. F**K thugs like this coward! Needs to be named and shamed.

    • Avatar Of Deborah



      That MONSTER mail carrier HAS done this to numerous animals. That I am sure about, but cannot prove. Evil people have patterns. They do NOT just commit criminal acts one time, and are rarely even caught. Nothing happens to the sickos who are caught, because there is not any true justice on this earth. However, Judgement Day is coming! All will pay come JUDGEMENT Day.

  8. Avatar Of Val Horner

    Val Horner


    What a jerk!

  9. Avatar Of Me



    What a jerk. That’s is just outright animal cruelty. Intentional done the dog was gated and no harm to him. Pos

  10. Avatar Of Christi



    This is animal abuse which means this man is a danger to society! I hope he was fired and charges filed! I hope the owners sue that man personally and the postal company he works for! They are absolutely liable! This is a disgrace and should never have happened! Prayers to that poor pooch and his family who has been sick! So very sad! I am sorry

  11. Avatar Of Chiccatchick



    He definitely deserves to be fired and this definitely looks like a crime and not a situation where you just slap the employee on the wrist. It’s just crazy. The guy isn’t even in any danger. He’s just a psycho.

  12. WOW~ Poor Pupa! This is VERY wrong! The mail carrier needs to be held Accountable, Jailed and Fined!

  13. Avatar Of Teri



    This person needs to be investigated and Fired. I bet he absues at home too.

  14. Avatar Of Kevin Crawford

    Kevin Crawford


    i hope this mail man is fired, and a legal law suit filed. He should be fined and jailed for his actions

  15. Avatar Of Caroline Jones



    What a sick person, he should be charged!!!

  16. Avatar Of Dr Jo

    Dr Jo


    Number one better NOT TO LEAVE YOUR PETS OUT so ANYONE can harm them or let them out of the yard! That’s number one – Number 2 DO NOT LET THE USPS off the hook. Get in touch with lawyer who works for animal welfare and SUE this SOB. IT is clear he is just an inhumane CREEP and should not be working a job where he is free to mistreat animals. MAKE MORE NOISE FOLKS otherwise bad guys get away with abusing our animals

  17. Avatar Of Kbk




    • Avatar Of Lisa



      First, don’t leave your dog out all day, unprotected! You see what could happen or worse. Sorry about your kids getting sick too. How awful! I hope that mailman loses his job over this. I understand carrying pepper spray but there was no danger there! Good luck pursuing them.

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