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WATCH: Teen Girl Shoves Bear to Protect Family Dogs

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A California teen didn’t hesitate when it came to protecting the family pets. When she saw a large bear facing off against her dogs, she shoved the bear off a backyard wall—and it was all caught on camera!

Home surveillance camera captured the moment when 17-year old Hailey Morinico ran into the backyard of her Bradbury, California home to defend the family dogs against a bear.

In a video clip posted by TikToker bakedlikepie, a bear can be seen walking across the Morinico family’s backyard wall with cubs in tow. Seconds later, the family dogs take notice and rush outside to protect their home.

Morinico recounted that she first heard the dogs barking and was going outside to tell them to stop, that’s when she saw a large brown animal take a swipe at one of the dogs. Without hesitation, she rushed over to ‘protect her kids.’

She shoved the animal, only realizing at the exact moment she touched it, that she’d just shoved an adult black bear. Morninico fully understands how fortunate she is to have saved all of the dogs AND only suffered a sprained finger and a scraped knee in the incident.

While black bears aren’t generally aggressive, a mother bear will fiercely protect her cubs.

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