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Mailman Delivers Package, Leaves, Returns to Home to Pepper Spray Fenced Chihuahua

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A Louisiana homeowner was outraged after surveillance cameras captured video of a mailman pepper spraying her fenced dog after delivering a package to her home.


The homeowner told WAFB that she returned home Monday afternoon to find a package delivered to her back door and her dog, a 7-year old Chihuahua named Roux, with red eyes.

When she reviewed her home’s surveillance camera footage, she was horrified by what she saw. Her mailman had pepper sprayed her dog through the fence that kept him safely contained. Click here to watch surveillance video of the incident.

“The video shows him deliver the package and then go to his mail truck and get the repellent. He came back and sprayed my dog and then turned around and sprayed him again,” she told the news station.

The mailman had delivered a package to her back door, about 6-feet from the fenced area was Roux was safely contained. He then left the property to retrieve pepper spray from his mail truck, and returned to spray the dog. After spraying the dog once, he started to leave, but a few seconds later walked back and sprayed the dog again.

She immediately drove to her local post office to make a complaint, but was told to email her concerns to the US Postal Service instead.

The USPS’s policy on the use of dog repellent spray states:

Dog repellent is to be used on any dog that attacks, but it does not replace the policy of nondelivery of mail where there is a dog menace. Collection and delivery employees should promptly report to their supervisor the name and address of the customer where such a menace exists. The supervisor must immediately telephone the customer and request that the animal be confined during the usual deliv­ery hours in the neighborhood. The postmaster will inform the customer that no deliveries will be made until this is done. Employees are not to use the repellent where there is a danger of spraying people. Employees who indiscrimi­nately use repellent are subject to appropriate corrective action.

Postal workers are directed to use the repellent only when a dog attacks. Policy states, “Do not use the repellent indiscriminately, especially when there is a danger of spraying children or adults. Indis­criminate use of the repellent will not be tolerated and could result in corrective action, up to and including removal.”

The USPS has not yet responded to the complaint.

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  1. Avatar Of Someone Who Cares

    Someone who cares


    So he used federal equipment while in federal uniform on federal time to break the law cruelty to animals is crime but this case should be federal fraud as he fraudelently used federal property felony cruelty as his crime took place during federal commission and homeowner needs to slap federal civil suit against the US mail for piece of enjoyment law violations of 1st and 4th amendment for compensation and removal of all pepper spray if need shocker wonds are effective in correction but no lasting effect let me see ya big guy me and you will have a lit red eye fun with my bear spray jerk

  2. Avatar Of Chiffonade



    In a time where so many are looking for jobs, this person needs to have his employment terminated IMMEDIATELY. And charged need to be filed. I’m so sick of seeing sub-human people traumatize animals for their own twisted entertainment.

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