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Mailman Caught on Video Pepper Spraying Dog Through Fence

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A Fort Worth, Texas mailman is under police investigation after surveillance video captured the postal worker using pepper spray on a small dog that was securely contained behind a fence.

The homeowner’s security video shows Thalia, a 22-pound Bichon Frise, happily wagging her tail when the mail carrier approached the house.

That’s when the mailman pulled out his pepper spray and sprayed Thalia in the face, twice, through the fence behind which she was securely contained.

When the homeowner’s son, Scott Young, witnessed his dog being pepper sprayed, he ran outside to confront the mailman.

“The first thing I asked was, ‘Did you spray my dog?’” he explained to NBCDFW. “He said, ‘Yes.’ I asked why and he said ‘because she almost stuck her head through the fence.'”

Thalia, understandably frightened, ran inside and hid under the bed.

The family’s mailbox opens from outside the fence. And, although Thalia, at only 22-pounds is unable to jump over the fence and reach the mail carrier, the friendly dog has never once escaped the yard or bitten anyone. She was simply not a threat.

The case is currently under investigation by Fort Worth Police.

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  1. Avatar Of Robyn Sumner

    Robyn Sumner


    Plain and simple he needs to be sacked, pay all the vet and grooming bills and not get any social welfare hand outs, scum

  2. Avatar Of Bailey Katts

    Bailey Katts


    Fire his ass!! He almost put his head through the fence. What a moron!

  3. Avatar Of Dixie Thorpe dixie thorpe says:

    i think the idiotic
    mail carrier needs to be fired immediately and spend some jail time what a real jerk. those dogs
    didn’t deserve that. maybe some one should spray that mail carrier with the same spray.

  4. Avatar Of Maria



    The mailman needs to be in jail ,for abusing the poor innocent dog

  5. Avatar Of Ruthie Augustein

    Ruthie Augustein


    Our postal service could care less about dogs…I noticed their postal service mentioned dog bites not their carrier abusing a dog! Not surprised!

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