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Man Offers His Truck as Reward for Return of Missing Dog

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Buddy Boy Has Been Missing Since Wednesday Morning. Image Via James O'Sicky.
Buddy Boy has been missing since Wednesday morning. Image via James O’Sicky.

Many of us would give anything for our dogs, and one Florida man is no exception.

James O’Sicky posted to the Facebook buy-and-sell group ‘Swip Swap Jacksonville’ on Thursday morning, desperate to find his missing dog, Buddy Boy. In exchange for Buddy Boy’s return, he’s willing to give up just about anything, including his only form of transportation, a GMC pickup.


The truck is replaceable, Buddy Boy is not, O’Sicky explained to First Coast News. The dog, who has been a part of O’Sicky’s family for three years, disappeared from his fenced yard sometime on Wednesday morning. Although James and several friends searched through the night, Buddy Boy was not found. So, O’Sicky, devastated, turned to Facebook for help.

Dozens of dog lovers immediately set off in search of Buddy Boy, refusing to accept the man’s truck if he’s found.

Buddy Boy was last seen near New Berlin Road in the north side of Jacksonville. James says he is friendly. Anyone who sees him should contact James O’Sicky at 904-614-7832

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  1. Avatar Of Donna Schneider

    Donna Schneider


    Praying you find Buddy Boy! Trucks are just mere wires and tin compared to a heart and the soul of a dog!!

  2. I have rescued many dogs, but no one has ever offered me anything, let alone a car. I am so happy to see that Buddy Boy is so loved and wish more people would love their their pet as much as this man does.
    I hope and wish that he will get his Buddy back and the person who has him will not take the truck and just do it because he loves animals

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