Man Who Spent $15K To Become A Dog Buys Himself A Cage To Lock Himself In

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3 weeks ago, the Japanese man, known as Toco, who lives as a Rough Collie by wearing a $15,000 costume, shared that he bought himself a massive cage to sleep in.

Toco, who shares his canine lifestyle through his YouTube Channel “I_want_to_be_an_animal“, reveals that when he wears his dog costume and live as a dog, he gets “locked in a cage”.

Rather than living freely inside the house, Toco takes his canine lifestyle a step fur-ther and sleeps inside a huge dog cage.

In his most recent video, he shows a glimpse of how barking mad his canine life is. You can see him get inside his dog cage, which obviously cannot fit a human-sized dogs such as himself.

When he is locked inside, you can see him acting exactly like a dog by pawing at the cage, asking to be let out.

Last year, Toco made headlines for reportedly spending around 2 million yen, or nearly $15,000, to fulfill his childhood dream of transforming himself to an animal. And in a self-introduction video, he explained, “I became a Rough Collie because I wanted to be an animal.”

Today, Toco’s YouTube channel has over 21,000 YouTube subscribers. And he uploads videos “at his own pace” where he gives his viewers a glimpse of his canine life.

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