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The Collie is a well-liked breed of medium to large, lean dog that originated in Scotland. It belongs to the Herding family which is remarkable for their ability to easily control the movement of other animals. Collies are generally bred to become herders and companions. The breed has two coat varieties: the rough and smooth. Rough-coated Collies have long, dense hair, while the smooth-coated ones have short hair. Its colors include tricolor of black, sable and white, blue merle or primarily white with sable, tricolor or blue merle patterns.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Collie breed commonly stand a height of 24 to 26 in as measured at the withers, and weigh 60 to 74 lbs. Bitches, on the other hand, have a height of 22 to 24 in, and a weight of 50 to 65 lbs.


Collies are beautiful dogs that are generally very friendly, sociable, and loyal. They tend to be sweet and affectionate. They are mild-mannered, sensitive, and they tend to rarely show aggression. Because the breed is easily prompted to bark at sensed danger, Collies make excellent watch dogs. To keep them from becoming too wary with strangers, proper socialization at young age is advisable. They are intelligent and playful by nature. The breed relates well with children, and other dogs and animals. In addition, Collies need a master who is confident and consistent with rules, and uses firm but calm leadership approach. The breed is also easy to housebreak.


Rough-coated Collies, in general, is low maintenance, and usually may only need weekly brushing. Smooth-coated Collie dogs, on the other hand, may require daily combing. Bathe the Collies or dry shampoo them as needed. The breed tends to shed heavily at least a couple of seasons every year.

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Health Concerns

Collies have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years. Some of the health issues known to plague the breed include eye defects, tumor growths, hip problems, and skin allergies. They may also be at risk to some genetic disorders if two of these dog breeds with merle coloration are interbred.

Best Environment

More often than not, Collies are capable of thriving on either suburban dwelling or apartment-living. They favor staying with their family owners indoors instead of lingering outside on their own. The breed requires a living environment that has a calm atmosphere, cool temperature, positive interaction with people, and a lot of mental and physical exercise. A fenced yard is highly advisable, too. Although Collies do not need extreme physical stimulation, daily exercise, however, is very necessary. A long stroll or a quick game will be good for them. Herding exercises are highly recommended as well.

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