Japanese Man Who Wanted To Become A Dog Goes Viral For Taking His First Official Walk In Public

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A few months ago, we wrote about a Japanese man, only known on YouTube as Toco, for wearing a $15,000 Rough Collie costume. He then made the headlines for buying a massive cage for himself to sleep in.

And it looks like Toco has successfully settled in his new life and has done it again! A few weeks ago, Toco uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel, I_want_to_be_an_animal, of his first official walk in a public park.

The video of his first official walk has gone viral and has amassed a whopping 6.3 million views since being uploaded on Friday, July 21. And to date, this is Taco’s most viewed video.

Toco shared that the clips he used in the video were shot when he was doing an interview with a German TV station.

In the video, you can see Toco walking, saying hi to passersby, and performing tricks, like rolling over, in a park.

“Thankfully, I have permission to use the video[s]. I collected some of those videos, especially the scenes where I met a real dog!” Toco wrote as captions on the viral video.

Dogs that saw Toco looked puzzled upon seeing such big “dog” in public. Meanwhile, people at the park were amazed at seeing Toco and even took pictures with and of Toco upon meeting him.

Since going viral, online users have left comments on the video. Most of them talked about the real dogs’ reaction to meeting Toco.

A user left a comment saying, “Of course the dogs weren’t fooled, they trust their scent.” While another user wrote,“You can always count on children and animals to be 100% genuine. I completely relate to the dogs’ reactions of “wtf is that creepy thing?!” lol”

Toco wrote as captions that he still have a lot more videos from the interview, which he will compile and upload in a separate video in the future.

“In this channel, I post videos of me realizing my dream of becoming an animal by becoming a collie,” Toco wrote.

Back in September of 2022, Taco uploaded a video of him going on his first short walk outside, but tried his best to avoid people.

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