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Michigan Man Facing Charges After Rescuing Puppy from Hot Car

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Alex Soper of Jackson, Michigan is facing criminal charges for breaking a car window to rescue a Golden Retriever puppy left trapped inside, windows all the way rolled up, while his owners shopped at an area mall.

Soper told WLNS TV that he didn’t think twice before breaking into the car when another shopper asked for his help. He explained that the other shopper attempted to find the car’s owner and called police, but after half an hour with no luck or police assistance, the dog began showing signs of overheating. That’s when Alex took matters into his own hands.

At about 90-degrees outside, temperatures inside the car could well have been over 100, hot enough to kill the dog in a matter of minutes.

In Jackson, while it is illegal to leave a dog in a hot car, breaking into a vehicle is also a crime. So, unless the prosecutor decides otherwise, Soper will be charged.

Still, this hero says he would do the same thing all over again if it meant saving a dog’s life.

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  1. Avatar Of Janne Thiebaud

    Janne Thiebaud


    It is a crime to leave a dog in a hot car. It is a crime to rescue a dog from a hot car. What the bloody hell are people supposed to do, especially when the police don”t attend a scene like that, in a timely manner? This man should NEVER be charged for doing the humane and decent thing in saving a life, and the law that says differently, needs to be changed urgently. The persons who SHOULD be charged with animal abuse, are the owners, and the dog removed from them permanently. Common sense needs to prevail in all cases like this. CHARGE the OFFENDER, NOT the RESCUER, to do otherwise is just insane!

  2. Avatar Of Gary Eidson

    Gary Eidson


    The police should be charged for failure to respond to a call.
    Congratulations on making the right call under difficult circumstances.

  3. Avatar Of Millie O. Millie O. says:

    Alex, you are a hero! The owners of the dog should be bowing to you with thanks, and they are the ones who should be charged with animal abuse. I would have done the very same thing. Bless you and the dog you saved. 🙂

  4. Avatar Of Moose



    If you ever see an animal or human trapped inside a car on a hot day, the FIRST thing you do it call 911.

    If someone had done that FIRST then it would be a different story.

    From a legal standpoint, he did commit a criminal act. He doesn’t deserved to be charged.

    Any info on what happened to the car owner?

    • Avatar Of Az



      Moose – this hero did call the police and they did not respond – I feel he did the right thing when the dog showed signs of overheating. He is a hero in my book.

  5. Avatar Of Lisa



    Thank you sir for having the heart when seeing a dog in distress to rescue it and get it out of a hot car. If I was there I would of done the same thing. I cant believe people are still dumb enough to leave a dog in a hot car….I mean it is now a known fact and warned against time and time again. It takes some kind of really selfish and “stupid” people that would leave their so called “loved” pet in a parked car on a hot day. There is no way you should be charged with any wrong doing. If your state sees this as breaking the law its time to change the laws in that state. Alot of people can walk by and do nothing, I am among the ones that agree that you did the right thing.Thank you, Thank you and again Thank you………

    • Avatar Of Vicki Rast

      Vicki Rast


      I don’t see how he’s facing criminal charges when the owner of the car was the one commenting the crime ….Animal Abuse is clearly the case here… He is a HERO!!!!

  6. Avatar Of Patricia Bobak

    Patricia Bobak


    If this man is charged with anything for saving a living thing then the people who left the poor pup to die should be executed…..and the police need to be fired…

  7. Avatar Of Tearra



    Way to go Alex! If this was a child they would be putting charges on the parent. Every 10 days a child dies from heat stroke in a car. It can take only 15 minutes, at 104 temp organs in the body start shutting down and at 107 you die. You made the right choice and i wish more people was like this! Thank you for standing up for an animal that cant stand up for them self. The persecutor should be charging the animals owners instead. You’re a hero in my eyes!

  8. Alex did the right thing.He shouldn’t be charged !

  9. Avatar Of Graysea



    I am adding Alex Soper to My Heroes list. You would not hesitate to do it again to save a dog’s life? Knowing that there are people like you in this world is what keeps me from giving up on mankind. Thank you.

  10. Avatar Of Mary Sanders

    Mary Sanders


    Screw that window….glass can be replaced…..he did it to save a life not to be malicious or to steal….make the owner sit in the car and refuse to let anyone help them…some people should not have pets……

  11. Avatar Of Roxanne Eggleston

    Roxanne Eggleston


    I cannot understand why people feel the need to take their dogs with them where ever they go. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I heard someone say I’ll just be a second. When will leaving a pet in the car become a crime and be enforced? Whats worse to let the dog suffer and die or risk criminal prosecution for helping it? I have to say I’d go to jail before I’d watch a dog suffer

    • In my opinion, he is a hero. I have found myself in the same situation several times. I call 911. Their response has been quick and they unlock the door with a tool. No broken window. They then go in to the store with the dog on a lead and page the owner. (they know by running the plate) When the owner appears they give them a lecture and a ticket. I think the fine is $100.00 in Michigan. If it happens again, they will go to jail. In the case of a baby or a young child, the whole thing is treated much more seriously. Protective services are called and they go straight to jail.

    • Avatar Of Ted De

      Ted De


      Let me shed some light on why we take our dogs with us. 1st off they want to go for the ride, when they get so excited and smile at you there isn’t much choice. Personally when the temperature gets 80 or above I do not take them with me if I am going shopping. On short trips and the temperature is not quite 80 I leave the windows open ( no one is coming near the car with 2 big labs) or if it’s hotter I just leave the air on. Funny thing my lab looks just like the one on the right grey and all.

      • Avatar Of Scott



        My dog enjoys coming along for the ride. That said, if it’s between the months of April and October, he only comes along after sunset. Assuming the weather conditions are appropriate, I see no reason our dogs shouldn’t be able to accompany us on a trip to the grocery store.

        That said, I think “not quite 80” is probably not safe unless you’re parking in serious shade. I sure wouldn’t attempt that myself.

  12. Avatar Of Rich



    The article is incomplete it never states if the car/dog owner is going to be charged for leaving the dog in the car.The man should be charged for breaking into the car as well and let the judge decide. The most disturbing part is the extremely slow response from the police. I think there is much more to this story that is not being reported.

  13. Avatar Of Wendy Wendy says:

    He did the right thing. He did not steal anything, he saved a life. It is the owner of the dog that should be charged. They should take that puppy away from that idiot puppy owner.

  14. Avatar Of Meloni



    You are a hero. They should charge the owner not you!

  15. Avatar Of Courtney



    The title of this article is misleading stating that a “man facing charges.” He MIGHT face charges. Currently, the owner has not pressed charges – that would be a poor decision IMO if they did.

  16. Avatar Of Susan Kenney

    Susan Kenney


    Thank you for rescuing this puppy…you did the right thing.

  17. Avatar Of Lou Ann

    Lou Ann


    So how do we get the law changed? Seems like an opportunity for all pet rescue and vets in MI to ban together to change this law. And what took the police so long to get there. They should be charged as well.

  18. Avatar Of Donna Gilson

    Donna Gilson


    Thank you sir for rescuing this pup!
    You should not be worrying about legal troubles! The owners should have their dog taken away and they should face charges! The judge has the ability to do the right thing here and set a precedence for others!
    Those that do the right thing should not be punished!
    I’d do the same as you.

  19. Avatar Of Dog Lover

    dog lover


    this is ridiculous! CHARGE THE DOG OWNER WITH ANIMAL CRUELTY. Thank God for this young man. The puppy would be dead! The puppy should be removed from the ownership of this selfish evil fool and given to the man who save it!

  20. Avatar Of Ronnee Audas

    Ronnee Audas


    It makes no sense to me that you are charging the rescuer of the puppy when you should be charging the person who locked the puppy in rhe car!!

  21. Avatar Of Lora



    It says it is illegal to leave a dog in a hot car. If we see someone breaking the law isn’t it our duty to try and stop it? If he saw someone kidnapping a child and stepped in to fight the guy off would he be arrested for assault? He saw someone doing something illegal and stepped in to stop it. In the process he saved a life.

  22. Avatar Of Janet Rouleau

    Janet Rouleau


    Please rethink charging this person, if you don’t there will be thousands of animals dying in cars. We have to step forward and save our animals if we don’t who will.

  23. Why in Gods name would he even be charged? Negligence/Animal Cruelty charges should have been files on the owner of the dog and the hero should have been been given the cops free donuts and coffee for a year. This is why exist. MORONS.

    • Avatar Of Madelon Michel

      Madelon Michel


      This is the most stupid thing I have heard about. We have an action over here in Holland, that if you see a dog (or a child!!!) in distress in a hot car you should break the window.! How can anybody be pursues for doing what is a very good deed!!!!

  24. Avatar Of Tami Lyon

    Tami Lyon


    I think anyone with a heart would have done the same thing, I know I would! Please stop and think about it, law or not it’s saving an animals life! That’s more important. Many thanks to him.

  25. Avatar Of E.gardner78



    The cops took so long to get there because its “just a dog,” but if the caller said it was child in that car the cops would have been there with EMTs in minutes. The guy who broke the window would not be charged and he would have been branded hero.

  26. Avatar Of Elizabeth W

    Elizabeth W


    You can fix a window but you can’t replace a life.

  27. Avatar Of Jbdean



    If a judge finds him guilty, we can raise the money to bail him out and get him a lawyer! This man did the RIGHT thing and it’s the dog’s owners that need to be charged. After all, what’s more important … A car window or a life?

  28. Avatar Of Jamie Trout

    jamie trout


    It should be legal in all states to break a window to save a life. Don’t punish this man for being a hero.

  29. Avatar Of Madeline Powell

    Madeline Powell


    Laws be damned. Common sense must prevail once in awhile. Mr. Soper should be thanked and commended for immediately intervening instantly in this case of animal abuse. I support Mr. Soper 1000%.

  30. Avatar Of Madeline Powell

    Madeline Powell


    Mr. Soper should be commended for taking action and not standing idly by as most citizens would have done. I commend him for rescuing this poor puppy who cannot save itself from abusive treatment. While law enforcement in SOME communities does respond to these types of calls, others do not. Further, this type of incident is of low priority. This is a living, breathing animal…just like a baby. This puppy is dependent upon it’s human owner for care, just like a baby. Laws be damned. Common sense needs to prevail once in awhile.

  31. Avatar Of Janet



    Charge the owner of the dog and free this man who saved the dog.

  32. Avatar Of Dawn M. Goodman

    Dawn M. Goodman


    When will laws with tougher penalties be passed to prosecute dog owners whose actions cause the death of dogs and cats. Dogs are not car decoration to be left to die in a hot car, lawn ornaments to left to die tied to a chain without food, and water. Dogs should not be subjected to being shot to death by Police officers who enter the dogs home and yard because they bark at them. Healthy dogs and cats who are homeless, and not aggressive should not be killed by animal shelters. If this pattern of senseless murder of dogs and cats is not ended the 21st century will be go down in history as the American century of murdering cats and dogs. That man is a hero not a thief or vandal he should be condemned for saving that dogs life. If not for individuals like him who stand up for dogs and cats they would have no voice at all.

    • Avatar Of Jersey Judi

      Jersey Judi


      Oh My God I totally agree with everything you wrote in your comments. When will the laws prosecute those that kill, hurt, harm or neglect dogs and children? I wish there were enough people in the world that would do anything to save an animal or a child locked in a hot car!!!

  33. Avatar Of Sally Denhart

    Sally Denhart


    Please, please do NOT charge this guy! He saved a life and that makes him a hero NOT a criminal! The criminals are the owners. THEY must be charged!

  34. Avatar Of Jen Brown Jen Brown says:

    Please do not charge this man for saving a life. The people who left the puppy in the car should be charged. I would have done the same thing, to save that dog. So many of us would. He should not be punished for doing the right thing. Punish those that deserve it…not him!

  35. Avatar Of Trisha Exheverria

    Trisha exheverria


    Just loser behaviour! Go after the criminals who abuse animals not the heroes that save them! So backwards ass. You should be ashamed charging this man. Do your job for Christ sakes! Charge the loser that almost killed their innocent!!!!

  36. Avatar Of Cathy Mosley

    Cathy Mosley


    Mr. Soper should be praised for his efforts, and not charged for breaking into the car. Obviously legal methods had been pursued when the other shopper tried to find the dog’s owners, and called the police. Heroic measures were necessary to prevent the puppy from dying.

    If it had been a child there would not even be a question about the rightness of Mr. Sope’s actions, but rescue of any living being should be praised. The dog’s owners should be the ones punished, and hopefully the puppy is in a safer home now.

  37. Avatar Of Jim Talbot

    Jim Talbot


    To the prosecuter! Don’t you dare charge Alex Soper….. What he did was a act of heroism. If you wish to charge anyone, Charge the owner of the car who left a puppy in the car for animal abuse and attempted murder of an animal and animal negligence!

    you have the power to do what is Morally right in this situation.

    Please do the right thing!

  38. Avatar Of Kris



    This man is a hero and the dog should be given to a family who will care for the dog and not neglect it. I sent an email to the prosecutor.

  39. Avatar Of Sherry



    I sent the prosecutor a very nice letter and included

    and asked him to watch this and please reconsider who the criminal is in this case, and to prosecute them and not the person who saved the dog.

  40. Avatar Of Lisa Moss

    Lisa Moss


    This hero of a man would not had to do this if police would have come and did their job. If its illegal to leave a dog in the car than he should not be prosecuted. He did what he had to do to get the puppy out of the hot car.

  41. Avatar Of Justice



    He’s going to need all the help he can get, he did the RIGHT thing!

  42. Avatar Of Stephanie Gray Falcone

    Stephanie Gray Falcone


    The lead prosecutor for Jackson County is Jerard M. Jarzynka. His email is [email protected]
    Please take a minute to send an email (a very brief email is fine) asking that the charges against the puppy rescuer be dropped and that charges be brought against the party or parties who so negligiently left the puppy in a sealed car in 90F heat.
    I think good points to mention are that this Golden Retriever pup did not have long at all and that Mr. Soper is a hero and almost definitely saved the puppy from a truly horrendous death (dehydration, seizures, convulsions, stroke).

    • Avatar Of Cindy Baker

      Cindy Baker


      The man who broke the window to save this pup is a hero and should under no circumstances be charged with any crime. The dog owner, who left this dog to go shopping, with windows rolled all the way up, SHOULD BE charged with animal abuse.

    • Avatar Of Julia



      Also mention the fact that it is illegal to leave a dog in a closed car in high temperatures, and that the police were failing in their duty to enforce the law.

    • Avatar Of Julia



      and that freeing the dog by LEGAL means had already been attempted by the other concerned citizen!

    • Avatar Of Julia



      E-mail sent to the Public Prosecutor. Please everyone, do the same. Let’s inundate them with e-mails.

  43. Avatar Of Dianne



    This young man SAVED a life. Yes a dogs life.. but still a life.. The governor of MI should be giving him praise,, Cause with a dead dog in a CAR I’m sure all of FACEBOOK Dog Rescue would descend on this .

  44. Avatar Of Gina Epley

    Gina Epley


    In the state where I live (NC) it is not illegal to break a car window to save a dog’s life! I would do it in a NY minute!

  45. Avatar Of Stephanie Gray Falcone

    Stephanie Gray Falcone


    If someone who is experienced with chip-ins would PLEASE create one, a great thing we can do to honor Alex Soper is to PAY HIS FINES. This kind of selfless, compassionate and decent behavior needs to be ENCOURAGED and REWARDED, not PUNISHED!! What kind of society punishes a man for saving a puppy from a horrible death (and he did not have long to act- 90F and all the windows up- dehydration, convulsions, brain damage, extreme suffering and then death were imminent)? My email is [email protected] Please count me in for any chip-in to pay Mr. Soper’s fines.

    • Avatar Of Susan Davis

      Susan Davis


      I would chip in as well, absolutely, and the owners of that dog should be arrested, why weren’t they???

      • Avatar Of Linda



        Ok you guys, The law is the law. Work to change it. I think if Mr. Soper is charged a fine & or time, the puppy’
        s owner should be charged with paying his fine and doing his time on top of his own charges.

  46. Avatar Of Susan Davis

    Susan Davis


    I would have done the very same thing. The owners are the ones who should be punished. I fervently hope that whoever the presiding Judge is will go easy on this good samaritan and use common sense as well as the law. Judges can use their discretion and good sense when the law doesn’t speak appropriately to the situation. Too many judges only go by the law which can never be exact to the situation!

  47. Avatar Of Kris Kris says:

    I’m not a Michigan lawyer – but I wonder if this man would have the legal defense of Justification?

    Yes, I broke the car window without permission of the owner and intending to damage it, but I only did so to prevent the greater harm of the dog roasting to death, having been abandoned by its owner for over one hour.

    • Avatar Of Kathy R

      Kathy R


      What judge could punish this man for what he did? You’re right!

    • Avatar Of Shannon Thompson

      Shannon Thompson


      I am assumiing the owner would have to press charges, and if he/she has any heart at all, he/she would drop the charges and THANK Mr. Soper for SAVING their dog.

  48. Avatar Of Victoria



    No judge in his right mind would enforce his being charged, and if a judge did…. then he should take a collection to pay the fines. Just not right, he waited for help that didn’t come, he did the right thing.

  49. Avatar Of Crystal Mcgaha

    Crystal McGaha


    AS long as this man didnt take material possesions from the car, nor did he move or steal the car, no charges should be filed. The owners should be charged with leaving their pup in the hot car and should be praising this man that saved their pup.
    Kuddos to you for stepping up and saving this dog, even though the laws apparently do not support your heroic decisions.

  50. Avatar Of Jojo



    Change Michigan law. Write to your Senator.

  51. Avatar Of Kathy Standifordgibson

    Kathy standifordGibson



  52. Avatar Of Kellie



    This is absolutely wrong & something needs to be done & laws need to be changed if this hero gets prosecuted & charged! Only person who needs charged is the one who left that poor puppy inside the car. My opinion, he/she should have mandatory jail time along with felony charges of cruel & inhuman liberties of an animal! I’m not sure if there’s time, but I hope someone has started a petition against prosecution of this man, who is a hero in my eyes. Thanks for reading.

  53. Avatar Of Jennifer





  54. Avatar Of Mary Haak

    Mary Haak


    Show your concern–contact your state and local representatives to make this legal so it never happens again. For more information on how to go about doing this, contact you HSUS representative who can be found here: You might also want to contact your state and local representatives to make this legal so it never happens again. For more information on how to go about doing this, contact you HSUS representative who can be found here:

  55. Avatar Of Carolyn Deleon

    Carolyn DeLeon


    This man should not be prosecuted! He did what an caring human being would do.
    What if it had been an innocent child?

  56. Avatar Of Kathy



    OMG! This is so wrong. There is no way he should be charged. If people would stop being stupid and leaving dogs in cars, we wouldn’t have to resort to this.

    And what took the cops so long to get there?

    I thank him for what he did in saving this furbaby’s life.

  57. Avatar Of Robin Dotter

    Robin Dotter


    Email sent. God bless you, Alex. Thank you for what you did.

  58. Avatar Of Iris




  59. Avatar Of Scott A. Erison

    Scott A. Erison


    If you care this man you are wrong! How do you charge someone who was preventing a crime and saving a life. The puppy should be taken away and the person that left it in the car should be charged with felony neglect. I will be following this case and will make sure real justice is served.

  60. Avatar Of Jodie Goodnow

    Jodie Goodnow


    This is crazy! He’s a hero, not a criminal! Maybe having to pay to fix their own window would make them think twice about not doing it again but they should be charged with animal cruelty and have the puppy taken away! Good job Alex!

  61. Avatar Of Pabuckie



    I just read an article out of SLC where a teenager killed a cat by shooting darts into his head. Since when is saving a pet a crime?

  62. Avatar Of Cheri Wood

    Cheri Wood


    Since the Police had been called, why weren’t they breaking the window? Would it still be a crime had it been a child left in the car that a parent forgot was in the car? I would imagine he would be a hero then. In my opinion, it’s no different & he should not be charged for a crime breaking the window to save a life… he should be honored because he actually saved a life!!! Use common sense people… he saved a life, the owners committed the crime & should face charges!!!

  63. Avatar Of Kath



    Sent an email.

  64. Avatar Of Nilah



    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    I applaud Alex and support him ALL THE WAY!! I would do the same thing!!

  65. Avatar Of Kevin In Mn

    kevin in mn


    correct. The broken outlook

  66. Avatar Of Cat



    I just sent an email to the prosecutor’s office asking them to reword the law or change it so people vandalizing vehicles in order to save a pet in distress will not be prosecuted. Everyone reading this should do the same. Email [email protected].

    • Avatar Of Jake



      Thanks for posting the prosecutors email address. I’m sending them an email too. The owners of the dog should be charged NOT the rescuer! The owners are lucky that they only lost a window. If they cared one bit for their puppy…. then they too should ask the prosecutor to not press charges.

      • Avatar Of Suzanne Trobe

        Suzanne TROBE


        Just another case where the laws are written for the culprit; not the innocent. Isn’t leaving a dig in a hot car more criminal than someone breaking a window to save that same dog? They should allow him to adopt this dog.

    • Avatar Of Cassii



      I did send an email. Thank You for sharing that information.

    • Avatar Of Susan Davis

      Susan Davis


      will do, great idea!

  67. Avatar Of Dianne Tokujo

    Dianne Tokujo


    He is a hero! There will be hell to pay if he is charged. I bought a glass breaking tool for that reason-to help rescue a dog. If I am charged, at least I saved a life.

  68. Avatar Of Steven Burkhardt

    Steven Burkhardt


    This is to all of you who are saying they would do the same thing, why are your bitching here on facebook? Please contact the prosecutor’s office and voice your disdain to them about your outrage. Bitching here does little. 312 South Jackson Street, Jackson, MI 49201 (517) 788-4283 [email protected]

  69. Avatar Of Gayle



    The judge needs to punish the idiot who owned the dog. His punishment should be put him in a car and leave him there until he’s had enough and take his dog from him for being stupid!!!

  70. Avatar Of Sam



    In some states there are statutes that excuse a crime if it is committed in order to prevent a greater harm (like breaking and entering to administer CPR and save a life, for instance). I don’t about Michigan, but it might be worth looking into.

    You did well, Alex. Thank you for your good heart.

  71. Avatar Of Betty



    I agree the owner of the dog should be charged. If it was a child the cops would be there in a heartbeat. We animal love treat our pets like kids I would have done the same thing. My hat go’s off to you young man. your an Angel

  72. Avatar Of Marlena



    Charge the owners with animal cruelty, take away the dog and any other animals, I would say pets, but no one who had a pet would do something like that, drop the charges against this young man. He was NOT breaking into this car to vandalize it or anything other than to save a life! A living breathing life! God bless him!

  73. Avatar Of Sherri



    Thank you Alex for doing that!! You are a good man and a good human! Dog Bless You! 🙂 And if you need letters sent to the DA – you just say the word and I can make sure lots of them get sent! 🙂 And while I haven’t got much in the way of monetary wealth as I’m disabled and on a fixed income – I got lots of friends and most of us have companion animals that are our world and we’ll make that DA feel and look like the lowest form of life if he tries to charge you!! We should be glad there are good people like you out there!! THANK YOU!! 🙂

  74. Avatar Of Allyson



    So…Did anyone call the Humane Society and try to get the dog removed from the home? I would offer to pay for the broken window ONLY if the owners were forced to surrender this and all other animals in their possession!!!

  75. Avatar Of Jody York

    Jody York


    Give us the DA email so we can send emails on behalf of Alex no charges and the owner charged

  76. Avatar Of Martha Jean Flynt

    Martha Jean Flynt


    To the dog owners: Which would be the worst for you when you returned to your car? A dead dog or a broken window? I suppose a broken window is more valuable than the life of a precious pet, who did not ask to be left the car anyway!Thank you Alex for saving this dogs life!

  77. Avatar Of Dj Riendeau

    DJ Riendeau


    The DA needs to really think this through and give kudos to this young man. So are we suppose to let the innocent animals die for fear of being prosecuted??? The owners should be charged with Animal Abuse…plain and simple. If we don’t press for harsher laws, the poor innocent animals are the ones that suffer! The DA needs to stand up and protect the animals!!!

  78. Avatar Of Dawn Elson

    dawn elson


    Charge the owners with animal cruelty and give the dog saver a medal for quick thinking and bravery

  79. Avatar Of Dawn Elson

    dawn elson


    Charge the dog owners with animal cruelty and give the dog saver a medal

  80. Avatar Of Dawn Elson

    dawn elson


    Charge the dog owners with animal cruelty and give the dog saver a medal

  81. Avatar Of Carla Clark

    Carla Clark


    HERO! !!

  82. THANK GOD for you!! no he should NOT be charged!! SIR if you ARE PLEASE post on FB and MANY animal rescues and animal LOVERS WILL protest and come to your defense!!! MUCH LOVES and admiration Tdelecia <3

  83. Avatar Of Katie



    The owners should be arrested. Thank you for helping this sweet animal. You’re a hero.

  84. Avatar Of Lynnae lynnae says:

    Breaking into a car give me a break…if it was a child in there this would not be happening… the criminal would be the dummy who left them in there not the hero being the bad guy. So many people have total disregard to animals it’s terrible. I certainly hope this case turns out how it’s suppose to…will be praying for this man…thank God he stepped up to the plate and took action. I hope this don’t deter others from doing what’s right.

  85. Avatar Of Emery Icard

    Emery Icard


    Bless you young man, for doing the right thing. The dog should be taken from the owner.

  86. Avatar Of Daddychaps



    If they proceed to prosecute and get a conviction,I would be encouraged in the future to break the window and take the dog-problem solved.Let the stupid owner deal with it.

  87. Avatar Of Cbisbeec



    I would’ve done the same thing. I love animals, especially dogs. They are so innocent and depend on us for so much. How could anybody be that ignorant in today’s society to leave a puppy in a car, 90 degree weather with windows rolled up? It blows my mind. This guy deserves a medal, not a criminal charge.

  88. Avatar Of Donna Monday Ryan

    Donna Monday Ryan


    Time for this community to protest this action deemed a crime. The other witness can verify that the golden retriever was in distress and that the police didn’t come soon enough. This should not be a crime and Alex should be commended for doing the right thing.

    • Avatar Of Sara Walker

      Sara Walker


      I am so glad that there are people like that man that would help that poor puppy for i would do same .Hope they see what really matters here a life not a dmned window .Thank you Alez soper very brave .

  89. Avatar Of Deborah Rose DEBORAH ROSE says:

    This man should not be charged for helping a helpless Dog!

  90. Avatar Of Julie Strater

    Julie Strater


    Good for Alex! I would have done the same thing. He and the other customer did the right thing: call police and look for the owner. But, when that didn’t resolve the issue, breaking the window to save the dog, is the only other thing anyone could do.

  91. Avatar Of Wanda Cook

    Wanda Cook


    We need many more just like this guy. He more than likely saved the dogs life and he is facing charges???? This world is so messed up. I would have done the same as he did, Thank you Alex

  92. Avatar Of Adam



    They should rescue that pup from its “owners”. Good for you, Alex.

  93. Avatar Of Elaine



    Prosecute the owner of the dog. This man deserves praise, not prosecution. The temps in a car in 90 degree heat were probably over 120 degrees. The owners were stupid and cruel and do not deserve this dog.

  94. Avatar Of Cygnus Canine

    Cygnus Canine


    Kudos! I would have done the same. Hopefully there are no charges, monetary or otherwise. I am confident that animal lovers will unite for what this man did!

  95. Avatar Of Ginny



    This guy is a hero. Fine the neglectful owners and hand puppy over to rescue these people don’t deserve a dog and shame on the police for not showing up for an hour.

    • Avatar Of Lesley Webb

      Lesley Webb


      Too right, the owners should be prosecuted…I did this in te UK and was threatened with prosecution but luckily the Police Sergeant decided not to press charges…the puppy came to live with me cos the owners decided he was too much trouble…xxx

      • Avatar Of Julia



        How is this regulated by law in the UK? Is it illegal to leave dogs in a closed car in hot weather? From the comments above, I gather that this is illegal in Michigan. So the police were failing in their duty to enforce the law.
        And the owners of the little dog you saved should never be allowed to keep any animal at any time for the rest of their lives. Thank you for your brave and compassionate action!!

  96. Avatar Of Chris J

    Chris J


    Alex should be given an award not charges against him. The dogs owners are the ones who need to be brought up on charges not him.

  97. Avatar Of Ruth Ann

    Ruth Ann


    Thank you Alex for doing the right thing. I wonder if this was a child left in a hot car (heaven forbid)if Alex would still be charged for breaking and entering. I highly doubt it. If so, that would be as stupid as charging him for saving an animal.

  98. Avatar Of Chelly Campbell

    Chelly Campbell


    This man should be considered a hero! I would definitely do the same. I hope the puppy’s owners are facing charges.

  99. Avatar Of Sue



    Is the puppy owner being charged as well? No mention of what happened to them.

  100. Avatar Of Diane Persson

    Diane Persson


    I think this ypung man needs to commended for what he did not penalized. They attempted to find the owner and the police were called with no results. He felt strongly enough to ” break ” the law to rescue this dog and I think that speaks very highly of his ethics. Nice job…..

  101. Avatar Of Sheri R

    Sheri R


    Kudos to you Alex for doing the right thing. I’d do it too w/out even worrying about mysel or the law. Sometimes laws are made to be broken…

  102. Avatar Of Cemorr



    You think people get up in arms over animal abuse?! Wait until you see how many pet lovers rally to make sure this guy is treated like a hero and not a criminal!

  103. Avatar Of Pa



    God bless you Alex! When will people stop leaving their dogs in a hot vehicle and go shopping. The owner of the car should tell the DA that they aren’t going to press charges and thank Alex for saving their dog.

    • Avatar Of Ann Ropolewski

      Ann Ropolewski


      U r ABFAB!!! I would of done the same thing. U should know that u have tons of support and I would do whatever I could in the Grand Rapids Area 2 help u…thank u 4 what u did. U r a hero!!!

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