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Microchip Helps Missing Dog Return Home After 10 Years

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When Brad and Courtney Galbreath adopted a Golden Retriever puppy more than a decade ago, they knew right away that she was special.

Paris, named after the Texas city where they first met her, was bright, intelligent, and aimed to please. The Galbreath’s spent the first two years of her life loving her completely, but knowing she had a bigger purpose than just a family dog.

They worked with a trainer to teach Paris everything she’d need to know to be an amazing therapy dog. Then, they made a tough decision – to let her go to a family that needed her more than they did.

They kept her collars, her toys, and tons of photos of the dog they’d raised as if she were their child. They thought of her often, wondering where she was and who she was helping.

Then, a week ago, more than 10 years after letting her go, the Galbreath’s got a call from the SPCA of Texas.

Paris was one of 72 dogs removed from a Texas hoarder’s home. At least 20 other dogs at the property were found dead.

Because of the microchip the Galbreath’s had implanted in Paris when she was a puppy, the SPCA were able to reunite her with the family that loved and missed her all these years.

Heartbroken over what Paris must have endured living in the hoarder’s home, they Galbreath’s thought she’d been helping families across the country for the last decade.

Although she’s a white-faced senior now, the Galbreath’s promise to love Paris for the rest of her life.

“That curiosity is put to bed now,” Brad told WFAA. “She’ll be with us until we ultimately say goodbye forever.”

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