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Miley Cyrus’s Dog Lila Hospitalized

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Miley Cyrus is asking friends and fans for prayers and well-wishes as her beloved Yorkie, Lila is hospitalized for illness.

Miley Cyrus 300
Miley Cyrus and her rescued Yorkie, Lila. Photo courtesy of Miley Cyrus.

“Please pray for my baby girl Lila,” Cyrus Tweeted Tuesday night. “She is in the hospital. I am so heartbroken. Please send out vibes for her to not be afraid & to heal.”

Lila, who joined the family last year has 4 four-legged brothers and sisters, Mary Jane, Floyd, Ziggy and Happy, all rescued by the dog-loving singer and fiance Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus has not announced exactly what hospitalized little Lila, but the devastated starlet hopes your good vibes will help to heal her tiny angel.

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  1. Avatar Of Andrea S.isaacs

    Andrea S.Isaacs


    My prayers and good wishes are with you for your precious baby Lila, to get well soon.
    I have a darling poodle named Lizzie, and the love that these babies give you are unbelievable. Please stay optimistic and I hope that she will be back home with you soon!
    I am thinking of both of you.

    New York City

  2. Avatar Of Nancy Mccann

    Nancy McCann


    My prayers for sweet Lil Lila. Please get well my little darling.

  3. Avatar Of Anahi



    I have two little yorkies and I know how it hurts when they are in pain. Sending Lil Lila all my best to a speedy recovery. Hope she get well ASAP so she can go home to be with Mommy.

  4. Avatar Of Catharon Norman

    catharon norman


    hope Lila is well soon , my animals are so precious to me , I love them dearly, …sometimes animals are better than people…speedy recovery to little Lila.

  5. Avatar Of Louise Reardon

    Louise Reardon


    It is horrible when one of my cats or dogs are in the hospital. I know, I have been there many times. Sending your prayers and get well wishes. Hang in there, she needs you.

  6. Avatar Of Nancy Nancy says:

    Get well soon precious little Angel Lila. My prayers are with you and Miley. May God watch over you and protect you from any further illnesses and pain and suffering. I hope to see you well soon and back to your normal self once again. I would love to see you and all of your other 4 brothers and sisters chasing Miley around the house making her laugh with happiness instead of seeing Miley sad and full of tears over your sickness Angel.

    Lots of Love and Hugs and Kisses Lila and Miley. <3 <3

  7. Avatar Of Linda



    praying for your sweet little dog

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