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Missing Dog Returns Home After 8 Years Thanks to Microchip

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A Louisiana family thought their dog was gone forever until 8 years after his disappearance, they got a call from a shelter in Texas – Jasper had been found!

Thanks to the Houston SPCA and a microchip that had been implanted in their dog nearly a decade earlier, Tiffany Hendry’s family is once again complete.

Jasper had a history of escaping the family’s Louisiana yard, but always returned home shortly after. Until one day 8-years ago when he disappeared, never to be seen again – until last weekend when a senior dog was surrendered to the Houston SPCA shelter in Texas.

“Jasper came to us over the weekend in very good condition, we checked the microchip, like we always do through our admissions process, and the family’s information came up through the microchip,”Julie Kuenstle, vice president of communications for the Houston SPCA told Click2Houston. “We contacted them immediately, they were shocked that their sweet puppy was still alive and really surprising is that it was in Houston of all places.”

Amazingly, the Hendry family had friends who were in Houston at the time and headed back to Louisiana. They offered to pick up Jasper and bring him home for a reunion with the family that had missed him for so many years.

The family videotaped the happy reunion:

“Later that evening when we got home and it was just us, he climbed up on the couch and  got in my lap and cuddled with me. It’s like these moments where he looked at me dead in the eye almost if like to say, I know you. He was just looking into my heart saying, ‘I know who you are, I never forgot you,” Hendry told the news station.

Now back at home in Louisiana, Jasper has 50 acres to roam, 3 fur-sisters to play with, and several horses to chase.

There’s one element that all of these stories of happy reunions and long-lost dogs finally returning home have in common – microchips! If you haven’t already, now is the time to have your dogs microchipped and to keep their chip registered and up-to-date with current contact information. Contact your veterinarian or local animal control or shelters to inquire about microchipping your pets today!

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