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South Wales Man Reunited With His Dogs Stolen Three Years Ago

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Image from Wokingham Borough Council via BBC

A man in South Wales has been reunited with his two dogs, which were stolen three years ago. 

The beagles were discovered wandering some 200 miles away, close to the village of Twyford in England. Because of the microchips implanted in them by the owner, they were located in South Wales. When he arrived to pick them up, both puppies reportedly recognized him right away, according to Wokingham Borough Council.

When the dogs were discovered at the end of October, one was taken in by the authority’s animal wardens, while the other was given to a nearby veterinarian.

The owner had already arrived when the council phoned him because he had received word from the veterinarians that his other dog had been located.

The council’s animal warden said: “There was some confusion at first because we rang him to say we had his dog and he told us ‘I know, I’m actually picking him up right now’. Eventually we both realized this was a different dog that had also been stolen.

“The gentleman was absolutely elated … and I know the rest of his family were thrilled to bits as well.

“There’s no question that the dog we picked up recognized his old owner immediately. He became very sprightly for a nine-year-old, which is getting on a bit in dog years.”

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