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Missing Pug Located, Returned to Woman Caught on Tape Throwing Him

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Last week, video posted to Facebook that showed California resident violently tossing her Pug sparked a nationwide manhunt for the woman and her dog who were suspected to be in hiding after the incident went viral.

On January 1, Fairfield police finally located Brandi Chin and her dog, a Pug named Benny.

Benny was turned over to Fairfield’s Humane Animal Services who had him examined by a local veterinarian. Luckily, despite being carried by the neck for several feet before being violently thrown to the ground, the Pug was found to be in good health and suffering no injuries.

Despite fear for the dog’s well-being and outrage from dog lovers around the world, Benny was returned to the woman who clearly abused him in the video.

In an off-camera interview with Sacramento’s Fox40, Chin apologized for the incident, saying she felt terrible about her actions, which she stated occurred in the heat of the moment following an argument with a friend.

The friend, she said, is the very person that filmed the incident and posted it, Chin believes, in an effort to “hurt her.”

Although the Fairfield Police Department did not press charges, it has handed the case over to the Solano County District Attorney’s Office who could still charge Chin with animal abuse.

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  1. Avatar Of Bev



    She was Carrying that poor pup BY THE COLLER Before throwing him!! Just look at the video!! She should be charged with Animal Abuse & that sweet little dog go to a home to be Loved & cared for properly! She needs to be drug down the hall by a neck chain & thrown in a jail cell!

  2. Avatar Of Jenny



    why would they stupidly give the dog back to her. she’ll only do it again. or worse… morons.

  3. Avatar Of Lisa Dunlap

    Lisa Dunlap


    She does not deserve the liberty of owning an animal.

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