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Most Popular Dog Names of 2013

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As 2013 winds to a close, we tend to look back at the year behind us, reflect on our adventures, triumphs, milestones, family and friends, and of course, on the dogs that touched our lives in the past 12 months!

If you invited a new puppy or dog into your family in 2013, there’s a good chance his or her name is on this list – Vetstreet’s Most Popular Puppy Names of 2013!

While the top ten in both boys’ and girls’ names stayed fairly consistent with years prior, there are a few “rising stars” on the list, names that are gaining in popularity as we sail into the future. Zoey and Luna are two of the trendiest girl names, both jumping higher on the list than in previous years. Diesel is the boy name sliding its way toward the top.

Most Popular Puppy Names Of 2013 &Mdash; Infographic
Most Popular Puppy Names of 2013 — Infographic
by Vetstreet

Did your dog’s name make the list?

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  1. Named my puppy Tucker =) Thanks for a fun list!

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  3. Avatar Of Anna Vanvdamme

    Anna VanvDamme


    Neither of my yorkie boys names were on the list (Neo and Connor), and I’m glad! Like them. their names are unique!

  4. Avatar Of Mary Ward-Eaton

    Mary Ward-Eaton


    My mini-dachshund is Heidi but my daughter’s mixed breed rescue, who got out out of the gate and fortunately was found – we were all so upset but she is the fastest, most long-legged, most energetic, indefinite breed dog I
    have ever seen and I have seen many in 60 years!!!

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  6. Avatar Of Rosamargarita



    my babes name Cookie is number 57 but to me her name is number one. It fits her perfectly. She’s one tough cookie. We are from NYC. She’s sweet in the inside but tough on the outside.

  7. Avatar Of Mary



    I have 3 Golden’s, Sundance, Dakota & Logan.

  8. Avatar Of Jacklyn



    fritz and Floyd (named after my china) which was fitz and Floyd.never heard of a dog named Floyd,not usually people either. but I do have a max as well.

  9. Avatar Of Rose Maudlin

    Rose Maudlin


    My Babies are Hannah Marie (The Basset Empress) & Sampson Wesley. All our 4 legged children have their middle names from one of the 2 legged family members. That way they know if they are in trouble too, when we use their middle name! LOL And yes it works as well 2 or 4 legged!

  10. Avatar Of Karen Dicarlo

    Karen DiCarlo


    My dog’s name …Mitakola. “Kola” for short. Somehow I knew he wouldn’t be on the list! 🙂

  11. Avatar Of Yvonne



    my female lab made the list with Roxy, my mastiff made it with Sam, but my pittie’s name is Zeke.(not on the list)

  12. Avatar Of Smitten Smitty

    Smitten Smitty


    My kiddos’ names didn’t make the list but maybe next time!

  13. Avatar Of Stefanie Mushlin

    Stefanie Mushlin


    I’m really surprised that my dogs name didn’t make the list. For female or male. Her name is Dakota. But I guess that’s ok, must mean her name is unique 🙂

  14. Avatar Of Kate



    I have a Doyle and a Dylan 🙂 not on the list. I thought Dylan might have been.

  15. Avatar Of Julia C

    Julia C


    My dog is on the list! His name is Toby!

  16. both my dogs names are on the lists I have a ruby and a diesel

  17. Avatar Of Kay Brasher

    Kay Brasher


    My Baby’s name is Chico and I have heard it a lot. Can’t believe it’s not one of the top ones!!!!

  18. Our yorkiepoo who is 13 years old is named Maggie Mae

  19. Avatar Of Kz4Zzz KZ4ZZZ says:

    Just found a lady Chinese Crested Powder Puff @
    the local animal shelter.. Her name “Diamond”.
    We call her “DD” for short…

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