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MUSIC VIDEO: Adopted Bulldog Has the Best Day of His Life!

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When Brooklyn-based indie rock band, American Authors set out to make a music video for their new song, “Best Day of My Life,” we can all agree that showcasing a rescue dog after finally finding his forever home was the perfect choice!

The music video below features “Meaty,” a rescue from the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue enjoying life as a loved family dog on the day he was finally adopted. It’s an absolute MUST SEE.

At the end of the video, the band urges fans to consider rescuing, fostering, or donating to your local shelter. Big thanks to an American Authors for using their reach and stardom to promote animal welfare (And the song is pretty great, too!).

You can support American Authors, the cool indie-rock band that supports animal adoption, by downloading their latest album or visiting their website by clicking here.

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  1. Avatar Of Mary Mary says:

    Love the song, love the video, most of all love the message – you rock! I try to do as much for dogs and rescue work (also anti-cruelty publicity and laws – did you know an animal is abused in the U.S. every 10 seconds?) but your video will do so much more than I could even dream of doing, American Authors. Thank you! And thanks to the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue, Meaty and his new guardians!
    Sharing and going to iTunes to buy….

  2. Avatar Of Kim



    Awesome! Great video! Heading to iTunes to buy the song now. 🙂

  3. Avatar Of Cynthis Knight

    Cynthis Knight


    Shared it! Great story, great song, great Dog!!! My friends will love it!

  4. Avatar Of Angela Ashton

    Angela Ashton


    This is FANTASTIC! Thanks American Authors, Georgia English Bulldog Rescue and especially Meaty! You ALL ROCK!!!

  5. Avatar Of Kim



    Love it!

  6. Avatar Of Susan



    Fantastic video! Thank you for the attention you are bringing to help all animals.

  7. Avatar Of Lenora King

    Lenora King


    what a great video!!!!!!! bulldogs rule. adopt!

  8. Avatar Of Kate



    Loved it. We pick up our rescue tomorrow. Can’t wait!!

  9. Avatar Of Angela



    Absolutely love it – adopt, don’t shop!

  10. Loved the song and video! Thank you for bringing more attention to animal rescue!

  11. Avatar Of Mary



    Love love love it! Great dog! Great song! Well done!

  12. Avatar Of Wiz &Amp; Lola

    wiz & Lola


    Thank You…

  13. Avatar Of Keath Rhymer

    keath rhymer


    awesome and thank you for using a rescued pet

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