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Neighbor Facing Animal Torture Charges After Dog Dies

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Three days before he had to be euthanized, Jim Stotts and his wife noticed their 14-year old dog, Nibbles becoming very ill.

Stotts told WLKY News“He couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink. He tried to drink; every time he went to the water bowl, he’d throw up in it. He was in agony. He’d lay down, look up at me, crawl towards me; you could tell he was in serious pain.”

Their veterinarian found a large blockage just outside of Nibbles’ stomach. Unable to afford the extensive surgery and treatment, the family was forced to say goodbye to their senior dog.

On the same day that Nibbles passed, Stott was in his backyard with their other dog, Bolt. He stopped Bolt from chewing on something he’d found in the backyard. When Stott got a closer look at what Bolt was trying to eat, he was shocked.

“What it was, was Canadian bacon that had been cut in half with broken pieces of razor blade stuffed in the straight side, into it. I found three pieces. The fourth one was the one Nibbles got.”

When police questioned neighbors, 60-year old Robert Hamme admitted to throwing the meat and razor blades over the fence.

“He wanted to kill the dogs, exactly. He knew what he was doing. It was just an evil act. There’s no sense or rhyme or reason or justification for doing something like this.”

The Stotts immediately pressed charges. Hamme is facing one felony and two misdemeanor animal torture charges.

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  1. Avatar Of Cindy Mckenzie

    Cindy McKenzie


    I had a chow that someone poured acid or some corrosive material on his back…. He ate through her fur, skin, and caused her death… We were never able to find who did it….
    People can be very evil…. RIP Sweet Baby…
    Please press charges to the full extent of the law… Be sure that this creature pays for what he did to your sweet baby

  2. Avatar Of Larry



    This “man” (I hate to call him a human being) had better move to Antarctica when he gets out of jail. There are going to be lots of people who will want a piece of HIM before it’s all over. And he will deserve everything he gets. Hopefully he will get the maximum prison sentence. I’m sure the other inmates will not be too happy when they find out what he did.

  3. Avatar Of Paula paula says:

    honestly people need to get more responsible with their pets being left outdoors all day long while they’re at work barking at everything that moves disturbing the neighborhood. I foster animals and I love animals but I would never leave my dogs unattended outside all day long so that they were barking and annoying the neighbors enough to possibly hurt them. Pet owners need to be investigated as well to see if they were part of the problem.

    • A dog or pet doesn’t need to be in his yard long to discover the irasistable smell of fresh meat!!! What on earth makes u think this dog was left unattended for an extended period of time? Don’t be so quick to judge people , and point fingers! Your speculating!! No matter what , the ASSHOLE that put razor blades in Canadian bacon is the person who’s at fault here! He could of filed a complaint with their local police department , and they would have come and issued a warning to the owners for disturbing the peace , if that truly what was going on!

    • Avatar Of Ruth



      I hope I am reading this wrong and you are NOT blaming the dog or the dog’s owner. The crazy dog killer threw meat with razor blades OVER the fence into someone else’s yard. So technically that is considered trespassing.

      Dog’s bark that is life. I have to Boston Terrier’s which stay in the house 99% of the time. But they do go out in the summer. As long as they have water and shade, and are in their own yard, that is perfectly acceptable. What is not acceptable is a crazy dog killer killing animals on purpose.

      If it is your opinion that the dogs caused the crazy dog killer to do this because of the barking, what about the children in the neighborhood that holler, laugh and are a little to loud. Does this give someone the right to hurt them???? Of course not, same as with an animal!

      When I use to work 12 hour shifts at night and tried to sleep during the day, I had a neighbor who would mow their yard every week or their kids would be hollering in their pool. It was annoying, but hey it was their yard and their life and I made the best of it.

      • Avatar Of Cindy Mckenzie

        Cindy McKenzie


        Ruth, this is very true what you said. I live on a totally fenced 1 acre property that my 3 shepherds roam in…..
        I would not expect anyone to throw temping meat/poison into my yard just because I am not there every second to watch them in my own yard on my own property…..

    • Avatar Of Cdukesmama Cdukesmama says:

      It doesnt take long for a dog to find food. Leaving a dog outside all day is not bad as long as it it has shade, water, food.
      Yea some dogs bark, some at everything. Thats what they do. But that gives NO RIGHTS for someone to feed a animal razorblades, poison, or harm them in anyway. This was not the dog or the famalies fault.
      Just because your dog is inside does Not mean it doesn’t bark all day. There is enuogh inside to get a dog going as well.
      Im so tired of people punishing animals for being animals.

    • Avatar Of Larry



      You “foster animals” and you “love animals” but you think that because a dog was in it’s own back yard, where most dogs spend their days, that the “pet owner” needs to be “investigated” to see if he was “part of the problem?” Evidently Robert Hamme isn’t the only person who can try and justify the horror of putting pieces of razor blades in pieces of bacon and throwing them into the “pet owners” yard. You are just as heartless and pathetic. I feel very sorry for any animal in your “care.”

  4. Avatar Of Dick Davis dick davis says:

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    • Avatar Of Abby



      WTF has blue buffalo have to do with this act of evil? check your spelling too dude Really!!!!

    • Avatar Of Larry



      First of all, where did you learn to spell, North Korea? Second, I’m not sure that “Blue Buffalo” would be happy to post your praise of it’s product. Third, Purina Dog Chow is a well-balanced diet that has kept my pets happy and healthy for many years. Living on a small veteran’s disability pension, I cannot afford the “premium” brands that cost more than four times the price of Purina Dog Chow.

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