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New Dog Treats Inspired by Classic Recipes you Love!

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We'Re Excited About Merrick'S New Kitchen Bites, Inspired By Their Classic Canned Food Recipes You Know And Love!
We’re excited about Merrick’s new Kitchen Bites, inspired by their classic canned food recipes you know and love!

Most of you are familiar with Merrick Pet Care’s popular line of Classic Canned Food for dogs. They offer flavors like Grammy’s Pot Pie, Wingaling, and Cowboy Cookout that our dogs absolutely love! And, you can feel safe and comfortable feeding them to your furkid. With a 5-star rating from Pet Food Advisor, these canned recipes are wholesome, healthy, have real meat and veggies that are locally sourced, and include absolutely nothing from China!

We’re excited to introduce you to a new line of dog treats from Merrick – inspired by Merrick’s innovative and award-winning classic can recipes:

Merrick Kitchen Bites are all-natural, oven-baked biscuits. Kitchen Bites start with real deboned meat as the #1 ingredient for a single source of high quality protein, then fresh fruits and vegetables, for a crunchy and healthy treat for dogs. Unlike many biscuits that include rice, flour or wheat, Kitchen Bites are grain-free and gluten-free. Like all of Merrick’s food and treats, they are made in the USA with no ingredients from China.

Mark Sapir, vice president of marketing for Merrick Pet Care, Inc. said about the new treats:

Like our food, we use only the finest natural ingredients in our treats, and we bring an assurance of quality to pet parents with our made-in-the-USA and no-ingredients-from-China promises. Plus, all of our treats have great taste dogs will love.

Merrick Kitchen Bites are available in six flavors you already know and love:

  • Grammy’s Pot Pie (made with chicken)
  • Brauts-N-Tots (made with beef)
  • Turducken (made with turkey)
  • Cowboy Cookout (made with beef)
  • Wingaling Applewood Bacon Flavor (made with chicken)
  • Wingaling Hickory Smoke Flavor (made with chicken)
Brauts-N-Tots Are Shaped Like Little Adorable Sausages!
Brauts-N-Tots are shaped like little adorable sausages!

Not only are these new Kitchen Bites a crunchy and healthy treat for dogs, they smell good enough to eat yourself and come in adorable, fun shapes. Grammy’s Pot Pie treats are little pie pieces! The Wingaling treats are shaped like little chicken wings! And the Brauts-N-Tots are shaped like little adorable sausages!

Merrick Kitchen Bites come in 6-oz. bags, and are available to purchase at Petco and independent specialty stores for about $6.99.

The good folks at Merrick Pet Care are sponsoring a giveaway to fans and friends of The Dogington Post! 5 winners will get a 12-pack of their favorite recipe canned food and 3 bags of Kitchen Bites in the same flavor! Cool!

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  1. Avatar Of Maria Simon

    MARIA simon


    the applewood bacon is my doggies favorites 🙂

  2. Avatar Of Sharon



    I have two dogs who can never get enough beef in their diet so I think they would love the Cowboy Cookout!

  3. We have two 90# bulldogs who get treats for being well-behaved. It’s hard to find healthy treats for them.

  4. Avatar Of Liz Liz says:

    I’m switching 2 of mt dogs too Merrick Dog food

  5. Avatar Of Yvonne Robertson

    Yvonne Robertson


    I have 4 little dogs who love to get treats in the evening. I look for healthy treats for them and those little sausage style treats look perfect .

  6. Avatar Of Mona Brock Mona Brock says:

    My dogs love this the applewood bacon is there fav

  7. Avatar Of Ella Hall Ella Hall says:

    I am the manager of Portland, OR’s #1 Dog Walking & Pet Sitting company. We love healthy treats. 🙂

  8. Avatar Of Kristina Hirzel

    Kristina Hirzel


    I work at a pet store so I have tried my dogs on many different kinds of food, but my dogs never seemed to do well on them or like them like thye do merrik. They have been doing so well on it. I have recomened it to so many people and they all have agreed that there pets all love and have been doing really well on it.

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