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New Hampshire Dog Groomer Arrested, Charged in Dog’s Death

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A New Hampshire dog groomer was arrested and charged with the death of a family’s beloved Golden Retriever after she left the dog unattended for an extended period inside a heated drying cage.

Dog Groomer
Beth Bessemer, 57, of Hampton, New Hampshire.

Beth Bessemer, the owner of dog grooming business, Mrs. Doolittle’s Bath House, has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty following the death of a Golden retriever in her care.

Police said Bessemer left the Golden retriever unattended for an extended period of time inside a heated drying crate with a noose around his neck.

The tragic death occurred on June 21, 2018. Following an investigation after the dog’s owner contacted police, authorities alleged that Bessemer deprived the dog of “necessary care and sustenance” by leaving him unattended. They issued a warrant for the groomer’s arrest on September 19.

The same day, Bessemer turned herself in to police and was released on her own recognizance soon after. She is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 30 in the 10th Circuit- Seabrook District Court.

One of the conditions of her bail prohibits her from coming into contact with anyone’s pets.

Drying cages and noose-style leashes have been implicated in the deaths of many dogs in recent years, particularly when dogs are left unattended while the tools are being used. Before entrusting your dog in the care of a groomer, always ask questions, read reviews, check references, tour the facility, and consider taking your pets elsewhere if heated drying cages are used.

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