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Newfoundland Helps Rescue His Canine Pal From Drowning

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A Newfoundland “in distress” asks help from hoomans to help rescue his Golden Retriever pal from drowning at Douglas Harbour, Isle of Man on Sunday, March 17.

The Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team posted on March 17 and called it “a busy day”, with their most notable rescue for the day being the Golden Retriever’s rescue.

The Rescue Team explained how they received a call at around 8:30 in the morning about a person who “came across a Black New Foundland Dog in distress and wanting his attention”.

The Newfoundland was trying to get the person’s attention because his canine pal, a Golden Retriever, was struggling to stay afloat in the Harbour.

The Good Samaritan sprang into action, went down on a boat and was able to grab hold of the dog just in time.

“At this point the Dog was starting to go under so [he] was lucky to be saved,” the Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team wrote.

Thankfully, after the Good Samaritan was able to safely secure the dog and, the Rescue Team arrived just in time to complete the rescue.

The team carefully hauled the Golden Retriever to dry land with a net. And after successfully rescuing the Golden Retriever, the Rescue Team said they were “then able to deal with the other dog”.

Shortly after, the Newfoundland and Golden Retrievers were reunited at the Rescue Team’s station while waiting for the police to collect them and look for their owner.

The Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team thanked the member of the public for springing into action, writing, “We would like to thank the member of the public for his swift action which undoubtedly saved the life of 1 very lucky Dog.”

The dogs’ owner was later tracked down thanks to a Facebook post made by the Isle of Man Constabulary Media Page.

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