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Nickelodeon Star Allegedly Kills One Dog, Nearly Sets Fire to Another

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Once a rising child star, an all-American good girl with a squeaky-clean image on a path to super-stardom, Amanda Bynes seemed to have everything going for her; a loving family, her own hit tv show, The Amanda Show at the age of 13, and starring roles in several blockbuster films.

But, in recent months, Amanda Bynes, 27, has surrounded herself with controversy as her life crumbles around her. Whether a symptom of drug abuse or a psychotic break, the former Nickelodeon star is now headed down an entirely different path. From Twitter rants and verbal abuse, to vehicular crimes and drug charges, Bynes’ good girl image is more than shattered.

While it’s heartbreakingly sad to see such a beloved star self-destruct in the public eye – the constant attention on the former Nickelodeon star only seems to fuel her fire – it’s an entirely different situation when her actions become dangerous to others.

Now, amid reports that Bynes doused her tiny Pomeranian in gasoline and lit the dog (and herself) on fire, a friend of the star has stepped forward alleging that Bynes is also responsible for the death of her previous dog.

Last week, the troubled star was detained by police and put on a psychiatric hold after allegedly starting a fire in the driveway of an elderly neighbor’s home in Thousand Oaks, California. During the unexplained arson, Bynes doused a driveway, herself, and her dog in gasoline before lighting the fuel. Immediately after igniting the blaze, Bynes snatched up the gasoline-soaked Pomeranian, rushed her into a nearby liquor store and began rinsing her off in an employee sink before “freaking out” and leaving. She was shortly thereafter detained by police.

The following video shows Bynes’ frantic attempt to wash off her dog at a nearby liquor store:

Nickelodeon Star Allegedly Kills One Dog Nearly Sets Fire To Another The Dogington Post

When news of the fire broke, a former friend of Bynes’, model Ana Rivera, has come forward with further disturbing allegations. According to Radar Online, Rivera was “not surprised at all” that Bynes had put herself and her dog in danger.

Rivera told Radar Online, “I was really concerned when she got that dog for its safety, as the last Pomeranian she had in Los Angeles that she let just wander away and it fell off the cliffs in Hollywood Hills.”

For now, the Pomeranian involved in last week’s fire is alive and safe with Bynes’ parents, Lynn and Rick while the couple apply for conservatorship of their troubled daughter. Bynes’ is currently being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold and evaluation.

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  1. Avatar Of Janene



    The person who sold dog was given instruction if they could no longer care for dog. They should be charged with fraud. On the other hand, it would be a real ethical lesson for the family who bought dog to return it and for “seller” to buy them a dog of their choice

  2. This is indeed a sad situation.Amanda Bynes is Amanda Bynes obiously very ill and needs to be placed in a hospital for the safety and well being of all. She should not be allowed to have another pet of any kind.

  3. Avatar Of Dominic



    I just find it funny how every celebrity that gets into trouble like this, such as the man who shot up a movie theater more than a year ago, it seems to me every single white man or woman whose actions are from killing large amounts of people, to setting their dogs on fire, the case must always plead insanity. Why do I say this? Because if it were a black man to have killed civilians during a movie or an african american woman to g to animal abuse, they would be labeled troublemakers/thugs and so on, and you all sure as hell KNOW they wouldn’t be labeled or arrested for “insanity”. Bullshit like this is why my faith in our governmenta and society is lost.
    “Oh a white woman just killed her baby!!! Is she okay, oh she must have a disability or something wrong with her it’s not her fault.” And she gets numerous amounts of sorrow’s from everyone.

    “Oh what’s this? A black man was involved in a shootout, taking the lives of 27? THIS MAN SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL FOR HIS ACTIONS HOW COULD HE DO THIS.” He is then put in prison and charged for manslaughter and first degree murder. Now I think all of you that think you ‘know’ about Amanda Bynes current mental state, need to sit down and shut the fuck up.
    Do you know her personally?
    Have you seen the doctor’s reports first hand?
    Because for all of you that are saying that this article is stating “facts” that are untrue, tell me where you got this information on her Schizophrenic diagnosis? I can already guess:
    From your local news or the internet. And do not, do NOT give me the bullshit of saying that you did not get it from one of those two sources. Save yourself the bullshit because you so not know her or her family personally.

    Look maybe she does have something wrong with her, what the hell do I know. Maybe she does. But I sure as hell know for a fact that if this were a black/chinese/indian/etc. celebrity, all of these comments or beliefs would be the complete opposite of what they are now.

    Thank you, and good luck society.

  4. Avatar Of D. Maher

    D. Maher


    Are we supposed to feel sorry for her? These Hollywood types are ingrates, to say the least. They’ve got everything the average person could only dream about and they go and destroy it all out of their own stupidity. They have ZERO morals, ZERO smarts, and most of all, ZERO RESPONSIBILITY. They’re UGLY, they’re OVERPAID, and they have NO SOUL. Take that animal away from her and FORBID her to EVER owning another poor, defenseless, creature in her life time. Lock her up and throw away the key! You should be happy God bestowed upon you what very few people could possibly know in their lifetimes. Instead, you spit in the eye of God. No pity will you get from me!

  5. Avatar Of Brenda W.

    Brenda W.


    I think she has totally lost her mind…She definitely needs to be locked up for awhile…

  6. Avatar Of Margaret Won

    Margaret Won


    she needs to be prosecuted and go to jail. My god both animals she has killed and who knows how many more. horrifyingly sickening.

    • Avatar Of Cindy



      Amanda Bynes is severely ill, Margaret. She didn’t kill two dogs. Rather than be in jail and prosecuted she needs to get psychological help. She’s not able to think like a healthy person. We are all looking at this as if she’s healthy minded….she’s does not have a healthy mind.

    • Avatar Of Billy




  7. Avatar Of Drc Rn

    drc rn


    This story is written with the sole purpose to stir up fury against Ms. Bynes. She is schizophrenic; a person with schizophrenia, especially one in the muddle of a psychotic break, has little grasp of reality. She very likely isn’t able to control or understand her own actions. Imagine that one day someone were to slip you. a massive amount of LSD, and you, not knowing what is happening, try to live your day while in the muddle of a bad trip-but you don’t understand anything. That’s what it is like; so easy for everybody to read a poorly written article with skewed “facts,” and declare this girl a monster, she is no more capable of asking for help than her dog is, maybe even less.

    • Avatar Of Eac



      Thank you drc rn for your better explanation. I am an animal lovers, and advocates as well. Amanda Bynes have done something that almost others, hurt herself, and her dog. I’m glad she had realized, quickly, what she had done, and took an action to save her dog. She should be hospitalized and get better to ensure she will not hurt or risk herself and others including her furry family.

      Yes, you’re very right about the Schizophrenic Disorder which affect cognition, and also contributes to chronic problems with behavior and emotion. Therefore, people should understand, rather than judgement, how this problem affects someone who have this disorder.

  8. Avatar Of Anna Holyfield

    Anna Holyfield


    Wow. What an irresponsibly sensationalized account of the facts. The facts were bad enough but to imply that she purposely tried to set fire to herself and the dog is amazing. I have just “unliked” this FB page.

  9. Avatar Of Lucie



    It’s very sad and I wish her the best Half of it is no-one has been able to help her to now and finally the police werte able to put her 5150 hold where judge has kept her there even longer until they decide she is well enough and understands more of what is going on instead of the breakdown or drugs whatever has been going on and to whoever has said this about her is sad and a sicko them selfs amanda dosen’t need sad added attacks on her when she’s already very ill shame on this person and people that have printed it someone is very ill and you knock them down more for your minute of fame shame shame shame and she’s in a hospital getting medicated and hopefully a full day to day of help to heal whatever pain she’s in deep down wow give her a break for a year or something i remember a young lady that showed up to a animal thing back when and she’s always had an animal by her through the years she got ill and made some really bad choose’s and that’s the illness not the amanda we know you hang in there amanda take your meds and be well and safe and igore these silly storys and you heal you still have a ton and more people who love you and care about you and understand dear <3

  10. Avatar Of Allana



    She’s too rich not to get help! What she needs is Dr Phil.

  11. Avatar Of Tara



    Clearly this is an individual that desperately needs some psychiatric treatment.
    I’m not defending her actions, she should not be allowed to have pets. We should remember though, she is sick. Out of her mind sick. Not in control of her actions sick. While I feel terribly for those dogs, I feel terribly for her too.
    think about it; once she gets the help she needs and is healthy, she’s going to have to deal with the guilt of what she’s done.
    I can’t imagine.

    • Avatar Of Cindy



      Exactly, Tara. She’s severely ill. She’s not thinking like healthy people think. I couldn’t imagine doing what she’s done to my pets. When she’s well she’ll realize what she’s done. Until then, she needs help badly. I’m glad her parents have stepped in to get her help.

  12. Avatar Of Stacy Pascal

    Stacy Pascal


    A dog is not an “it” moron.

    • Avatar Of Linda



      Another nutcase induced brought on from drugs, which is the cause and effect for these mental nut deranged nuts. Its really distrubing the trend today is targeting the severe horriffic abuse towards these loving faithful friends. Laws must be changed to a felony. Please make a difference in your community and bring change.

  13. Avatar Of Baffled



    Mental Illness is not a choice. Setting a dog on fire is. No dog big or small, dumb or smart just falls off a cliff. She needs help and a jail cell.

  14. Avatar Of Beth



    Doesn’t matter whether a person is a celebrity, politician or just an average normal joe….she needs to be held accountable for her actions….even if she is suffering from psychosis of some kind, she needs to be punished for her actions. Either lock her up in jail or a psychiatric facility somewhere with stipulations of never owning a pet again. This just infuriates me.

  15. Avatar Of R Gensel

    R Gensel


    The actions to her dogs are unforgivable! However, she needs HELP! Hopefully she will get it…

  16. Avatar Of Md



    Mental illness isn’t a choice. Yeah, she did some fkd up sheet but hopefully, she’ll get help. I’m glad her parents are finally able to step in like Britney’s father did.

  17. Avatar Of Almanull almanull says:

    stupid i-dot, douse her n let her burn !!!!!

  18. Avatar Of Bamagirl bamagirl says:

    do the same to her, stupid girl !!!!

  19. Avatar Of Connie



    NUTCASE!!!! Keep her locked up!

    • Avatar Of Billy



      That’s not very nice clearly the girl has issues…
      Maybe she just wanted to SET FIRE TO THE RAAIIINNN!!!!!
      Or maybe she just wanted a better sex life…

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