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Officer Orders Woman to Sit in Hot Car After She Left Her Dog Doing the Same

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When a Strongsville, Ohio police officer responded to a call from a concerned animal lover about a dog left locked inside a hot car, he first saved the dog, then stuck around to teach the dog owner a lesson.

According to The BizPac Review, the officer waited for the unidentified woman to return to her car. He then ordered her to sit inside the hot vehicle with the windows all rolled up, just as she’d left her dog.

After enduring enough of the heat to make her “uncomfortable,” the woman was released with a warning and a lesson learned.

While we can appreciate this officer’s attempt at teaching a lesson, it’s important to remember that a vehicle which might just seem uncomfortable to a human can be deadly to a dog. Unlike humans, dogs are unable to sweat over their entire body and cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paw pads – a process that takes much longer. Further, a dog is unable to understand what is happening, that their human is coming right back, and can begin to panic, creating even more body heat.

As a rule of thumb, just don’t leave a dog in a car, even for only a moment, even with the windows cracked, especially during Spring and Summer when the temperature inside, combined with a lack of airflow, can quickly turn a vehicle into an oven.

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  1. Avatar Of Rosália Costa

    Rosália Costa



  2. How about if we leave a cop in a hot car to see what it’s like when they leave a police dog in a hot car to die. They killed a police officer, but nothing is ever done to them. Why not?

    • Avatar Of Thomas



      K9 police vehicles are equipped with air conditioners, ventilators and a automatic alarm which will open the windows and doors if it gets too hot inside.

  3. Avatar Of Voiceforthevoiceless



    Brovo, officer! Like the rest of you, I would like an “eye for an eye” type punishment for ANY crime of abuse against children, elderly or animals. While an absent mind may be the culprit behind this crime, being nieve is not an excuse when someone is dependent on your care. This police officer took time to not only wait for the “owner”, he took matters into his own hands to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. Seemed like he was more worried about the welfare of the pup than he was about using his power and meeting his quota for the month. With everyone sue happy, I don’t blame him for keeping the “owner” in the car longer…. I’m sure he wanted to though.

  4. Avatar Of Doglover



    He should be written up… she can sue him. Police do not determine punishment. A judge does. He overstepped his bounds and should be reprimanded. Who the hell does he think he is. If she broke the law, arrest or give her a citation. Don’t let the police act like judge and jury. You people are idiots.

    • Avatar Of Janne Thiebaud

      Janne Thiebaud


      You STUPID wanker! He did a sensible thing in showing that brainless dog owner what it feels like. She will likely never do anything that stupid again as a result. In so doing, he has prevented a massive amount of paper work having to be completed by many, the time all of that takes, and tying up a Court room unnecessarily, that seems pretty sane to me. I wish more police officers had the brains that this one has.

  5. Avatar Of Chris



    Kudos to this officer ! We always talk about making the punishment fit the crime, and that’s exactly what he did. To all you fuss budgets – he did not endanger the woman, he merely showed her the consequences of her actions, although in a milder sense. Don’t extrapolate one mild course of action into a hazardous incident.

  6. Avatar Of Martha Martha says:

    I full agree it was a wrong decision. Who knows what the woman was thinking? Maybe she didn’t give it a second thought. It’s obvious she didn’t think it might be harmful to her dog. Regardless, two wrongs don’t make a right. Arrest her! Lots of folks out there who have never made a mistake they have regretted. I would think that the officer explained to her the dangers of leaving an animal in a closed vehicule and to make his point clear he may have asked (not ordered) her to sit in the vehicule so she could experience how hot and uncomfortable it can quickly get and she obliged.

    • Avatar Of K.m.



      What do you mean “Who knows what the woman was thinking”?? She should not own an animal if she doesn’t “think”!!!! Anyone with a brain in his/her head should know not to leave an animal in a hot vehicle! The police officer did the right thing!!! Waiting for a judge to give her a sentence?? In the meantime, her dog could die when she does this again- and that is animal abuse!!!!! Use YOUR BRAINS!!!!

  7. Avatar Of Mary



    Shoulda turned the heater on high as well

  8. Avatar Of The Rob

    The Rob


    I would’ve made her sit in that car until she was well past “uncomfortable”. Stupid bitches like that shouldn’t even own a pet.

    Good on this cop!

    “Kev Man”, you sound like one of those people that think all police are corrupt and evil. Hope you never need a cop to get you out of a sticky situation.

  9. Avatar Of Kev Man

    Kev Man


    Sue the cop. He is not judge, jury, and executioner.
    I agree with the punishment, but its not his job to determine guilt or administer punishment.

    This type of behavior is not commendable, its criminal!!!!

    • Avatar Of Cindy



      Get a grip. So it was her car and her dog – but he couldn’t determine guilt? Plus, if you feel the policeman’s behavior as criminal -what was hers? My hat is off the this policeman!!

    • Avatar Of Misscb



      Oh really? ? He should’ve arrested her too.

    • Sue the cop? For THIS?? He didn’t torture, beat or kill her – he taught her a lesson! Don’t be ridiculous!

    • Avatar Of Martha Jones Martha Jones says:

      This should be regular procedure. I commend the officer!

    • Avatar Of Patricia Patricia says:

      sometimes that is exactly what needs to be done. Unless the laws are changed to protect these wonderful pets this is going to continue. Just like these brainless people leave these pets and their little kids in hot cars. Happens every damn year like these people were all born in a cave and don’t know how dangerous this is to do. I hope more cops or judges do this. Doesn’t seem to work by just imposing a fine no matter how big the fine. They say they love the pets and the kids, but they leave them alone in hot cars or cars that are left running. They are also kidnapped and stolen.
      Prisons are full prisoners that have done things to end up there. If our law-makers would ever do their jobs by making laws tougher and really fit the crimes, maybe we wouldn’t have such a big problem.

    • Avatar Of Megan Welles

      Megan Welles


      I’d wager a guess that he gave her a choice: hefty fines or this.

      I absolutely agree with you, no matter how wrong I believe the woman to be.

    • Avatar Of Titus



      Agreed. While I certainly understand the sentiment this really isn’t acceptable behavior for a LEO… What other infractions will they be allowed to punish?

    • Avatar Of Reneej ReneeJ says:

      While I detest the idea of leaving an animal in a hot car, I agree with you 100% Kev! The kind of attitude shown by the officer is no different than that which is demonstrated by LEOs who think it is fine to pepper spray peaceful protesters and shoot unarmed suspects. It isn’t his job to mete out punishment. That is for the courts. I get it that he was trying to do what he believed to be a good thing, but he severely overstepped his authority, and I sincerely hope he is disciplined by his supervisor and given corrective training.

    • Avatar Of Jody



      Really I think the cop should have charged and arrested the bitch as well as what he did. With animal abuse. Last year I held a dumb bitches dog in my arms as we rushed it to the vet, before getting there he died in my arms . The bitch tried to file charges on me for breaking her window. She lucky I didn’t go back with a baseball bat. The dog was only 3 1/2 months old

    • Avatar Of Jody



      And a lot of the time the cop does have to determan on the spot quilt or innosince or they couldn’t arrest

    • Avatar Of Joy Turn

      joy turn


      That police officer would get an award. guess those that found it wrong do not have a pet or else would leave their animal in car and think it is okay

    • Avatar Of Krisi



      Get a grip. The woman is lucky he just made her aware of what she did to her dog. Teaching the dumb ass woman how it feels to be left in a really hot car with no ventilation will deter her for the next time. At least she didn’t get arrested and end up with a record.

      You would be against the police no matter what the problem was or who was right or wrong.

      You’re hilarious.

  10. Avatar Of Nic



    As a prev L.E.O.. I Salute this officer !!
    as a pet parent myself… I say this woman should be fined an IMMEDIATE $2,000 !!
    sitting in the hot car till she’s “uncomfortable” is good… but not as… Painful as paying $2k to her local shelter…. CASH out of her wallet is VERY … memorable…

      • Avatar Of Jon



        Thanks for sharing this story. I am a dog lover, but also think, despite his good intentions to teach her a lesson, the officer had no right to do this. In fact, this sets a very dangerous precedent if police officers are allowed to mete out their own punishment. They must follow the letter of the law just as we do.

        P.S. The seasons are not capitalized.

        • Avatar Of John Maiwald john maiwald says:

          jon….boy you are fucking full of shit….why dont you sit in you’re ho cart till you’re ball sweat off…some states it is a fedral offence with time in the pen and a large fine….let me know how you enjoyed the stay in you’re car….oh yea….GO TO HELL

      • Avatar Of John Maiwald

        john maiwald


        in some states it is a fedral offence just as if you had left a baby in the car……if you see this done first break the wind sheild then the back window and at least one side window….remove the dog or baby then call911

    • Avatar Of Joy Turn

      joy turn


      If only

    • Avatar Of Holly Regan

      Holly Regan


      Reading through all of these responses I see many extremely valid retorts. I am an animal lover who would absolutely choose any fur baby over a human without a second thought! I have seen many instances such as this and acted upon them with an officer response time clearly out of the park and the local businesses surrounding this location had printed flyers for people to put under wiper blades to “WARN THE OWNERS OF HOW HOT IT IS AND THEIR DOG WAS LEFT IN THE VEHICLE.” Clear as their tunnel vision is toward the liquor store or dispensary is the fucking piece of shit owners knowledge that they have left the one thing on this Earth that DOES NOT DESERVE the unconditional love which it has given them. Any responsible owner would not bring their 4 legged CHILD into any type of situation that could be harmful in any way INTENTIONALLY and MALICIOUSLY. I will also agree that Yes, as commendable as it was for the officer to try and render this piece of shit some form of accountability…it is not within his authority to do such an act if it must be broken down piece by piece…especially with all of the officer shootings upon the innocent or unarmed regardless of the circumstances of these situations. I personally Jody’s attempt at rendering her some justice, although commendable, not worth the time in jail unless you really gave a ass fuckin’ whoopin/…:0 then quite possibly it may be worth it. 4 LEGS BEFORE 2 LEGS IN MY BOOK. Further, these types of cases are without a fucking doubt ANIMAL CRUELTY and should be treated accordingly…FELONY CHARGE…CLASS B at the very least! This may wake up a few human wastoids enough to either A: show em’ this shit ain’t a fucking joke or B: Haha there’s NO B BITCH IT’S TIME FOR YOU PICK YOUR BUNK OR LET YOUR CELLY DO IT FOR YA!

  11. Avatar Of Debbie



    Thank u for helpng save the poor furbaby

  12. Avatar Of Donna Donna says:

    it’s a shame simple common sense isn’t used, and i want to personally thank that officer for helping the dog when so many other cops are shooting dogs in their own backyard just because they are barking .What is it with cops that barking dogs scare them .That’s what dogs do, bark, like cats meow and people talk, although i wish some of them would keep their mouth shut .Thank you for helping that woman understand how hot a car can get for dogs and babies or kids too .We need more officers like you .maybe they should be trained to love dogs before they get on the force

    • Avatar Of Pat Langhurst

      Pat Langhurst


      I agree, dogs are supposed to bark, that’s how God made them. And policemen should not just shoot a dog! It is legal for a dog to be off leash and outdoors in its own yard. Does not make any sense to shoot a dog on itt’s owner’s property! The woman should’ve been fined, not taught a lesson, especially since the lesson was not valid since the dog has less tolerance for heat then a human. He should have exlained it, the fined her!

    • Avatar Of Joy Turn

      joy turn


      agree 100%

  13. Avatar Of Dave



    And the dog’s normal is already 4 degrees higher than a human’s, as well. Glad this woman learned her lesson (or at least seems to have done).

  14. Avatar Of Marisa Marisa says:

    I would HUG this officer. Two great things in this story…. a happy ending with a lesson taught (hopefully learned) and a positive news story involving a police officer???? Whaaaa?? Is there hope after all?!?! 😉

  15. Avatar Of Ma



    good for the officer hopefully the twit learned something

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