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Officer Rescues Tiny Chihuahua from Busy Highway

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This Tiny Chihuahua Was Found Stranded On The Concrete Divide On I-680 Freeway In Martinez, California. Photo Courtesy Contra Costa Animal Services.
This tiny Chihuahua was found stranded on the concrete divide on I-680 Freeway in Martinez, California. Photo courtesy Contra Costa Animal Services.

The California Highway Patrol deserve a big round of applause for saving the life of a tiny Chihuahua that somehow was left abandoned in the middle of the I-680 Freeway on Friday.

Officer Alex Edmon told NBC News that CHP received several phone calls reporting a small dog running in the lanes of the busy road. Other callers said the dog was sitting beside the median. When officers arrived, the found the tiny, frightened Chihuahua sitting on top of the concrete divide down the center of the freeway.

Officer Edmon tried to coax the dog to him with some trail mix, but the dog was too frightened to eat. They did get a few nice pets in, however, before Animal Control arrived to care for the dog.

Photo Via Chp Contra Costa. @320Pio
Photo via CHP Contra Costa. @320PIO

The tiny Chihuahua is estimated to be about 2-years old. She was not wearing any collar or tags, and was not showing any signs of abuse or injury when she was found. Police have no idea how the dog wound up sitting on top of the concrete divide and no witnesses have stepped forward with information.

Hundreds of interested people have called Contra Costa Animal Services to inquire about the famous freeway Chi, but Officer Edmon said, “I would try to encourage everybody to try and rescue any dog they can. Animal control has already been inundated with calls for this particular dog because of the story, but don’t be discouraged if you can’t get this exact dog, look for other dogs out there.”

He also explained that California Highway Patrol receives calls every single week about dogs running loose on the freeway. According to Contra Costa Animal Services, if an owner does not step forward, the tiny Chihuahua has already found her new family.

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  1. Avatar Of Peggy



    This is wonderful! This officer deserves a whole lot of recognition for his good work!!!!

  2. Avatar Of Maureen Moss

    Maureen Moss


    so happy that little chihuaha was saved by the law…..wish they could have caught the low down person who left him to die on such a busy interstate. Hope you find a good home for him.

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