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Oklahoma Cop Shoots Dog, Describes Incident as ‘Awesome’

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“Cali was family,” says Sarah Brown of her 2-year old Pit Bull shot and killed by an Ardmore, Oklahoma police officer last week after she jumped over the fence, escaping the backyard.

After receiving several reports of the dog running loose and acting aggressively, according to the police report, “It was determined that the dog had to be euthanized for the safety of the nearby park and neighborhood as the dog’s owner could not be located, nor could it be captured.”

Police say the shooting was justified. Sarah Brown and neighbors that witnessed the shooting tell a different story.

Sarah Brown told KFOR NewsChannel 4, a neighbor witnessed an officer using a shotgun to kill Cali. The neighbor then recalled that after shooting the dog, the officer turned to a nearby animal control officer and exclaimed, “Did you see the way her collar flew into the air when I blew her head off? That was awesome!” and then laughed.

According to other reports, the officer then bragged about a dog he’d shot two days earlier with his pistol.

Now, the family, residents of Ardmore, and supporters around the globe are rallying for justice. A Change.org petition has been created urging the Ardmore Police Station to relieve the officer of his duties. Currently, the petition has over 20,000 signatures.

According to the petition:

Cali was a fun-loving, caring, peaceful family dog. On March 19, 2014, she escaped the backyard fence and was roaming through the neighborhood. A neighbor called animal control to come and retrieve the dog. The cops showed up before the animal control. When the cops pulled up, Brice Woolley stepped out of the car.

He then went to his car, pulled out his shotgun and shot Cali in her neck. After he shot her, he laughed and bragged about how “awesome” it looked when her collar flew off. She had done nothing to provoke the officer. She died immediately.

Woolley informed the animal control that he had shot the dog. Woolley said, “We’ll just write in the report that she tried to attack you and others in the neighborhood.” If she was attacking him, then how did he have time to go all the way to his car and get a shotgun?

A Facebook Page has also been created in an effort to both help the family heal from their tragic loss and to bring the officer to justice for the senseless killing of their furriest family member.

See NewsChannel 4’s coverage of the story in the video below. Warning, images may be too graphic for some viewers.

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  1. Avatar Of Dog Lover

    Dog Lover


    Once again, the only one responsible for killing the dog is the cop. He, by his own actions and statements, intentionally killed the dog for his own pleasure and amusement. Lawsuits and petitions will accomplish NOTHING. His name and picture need to be posted EVERYWHERE. Let him never again know peace. Destroy his life. Make him unemployable. Drive his family off. Punish him mercilessly. Ensure that if he doesn’t kill himself that he does die alone, homeless, and starving. He deserves nothing less.

  2. Avatar Of Marilon



    acting aggressively? shoot the cop. he acted aggressively.

  3. Avatar Of Sharon J. Taylor



    I agree with you that trying to sue the police department is just about a waste in time( mostlikely ). Last year my dog got something stuck in his throat & needed to have a proceedure to get the the object out or push it down into his stomach. It was a 3 day ordeal, ( i wont go into all of it ) but, by the time the place was (EMERGENCY )started the procedure & gave him anestheia ( which was 3 types, too much, & they were not doing surgery ) his heart stopped. He passed away from them waiting too long to do the procedure & way too much anestheia. My Vet said it was too much. Anyway , the lawyers coul NOT DO ANYTHIN…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They killed my dog of 10 years. He was my EVERYTHING…

    • Avatar Of Justafatboy



      (My opinion of investigation)
      “Under Investigation.” TRANSLATION: “We are actively looking for anything no matter how small to make it look like we were not acting like cowardly mental defectives who are too eager to use a gun instead of our brains.”

  4. Avatar Of Laurie Gulledge

    Laurie Gulledge


    This is disgusting! Just because cops have a badge, does not mean they have a license to murder! This was a family member!

  5. Avatar Of Dirk R Dirk R says:

    Officer is a gung-ho rectum all hyped up to think he’s in true battle.Fire him!

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  7. Avatar Of Dave



    This is not the real story.. The dog was aggressive, I did some actual reading and the witnesses backed up the officer and his decision.

  8. Avatar Of Joanne



    I hope this man does not have children this is one sick individual.I would fire him immediately

  9. Avatar Of Carol Varenchick




  10. Avatar Of Judy



    I hope the next innocent dog is accompanied by a fearless person with her own shotgun! Maybe his collar (shirt) will fly off in a similar funny way!! Will the OKIE authorities do something?

  11. Avatar Of Debbie Balestreri

    Debbie Balestreri


    These stupid ass cops need to learn how to handle dogs and what was the Animal Control person doing why couldn’t they get the dog. Stop prosecuting the Pit Bulls and stop using what if it was a child. This cop needs to be fired he enjoyed what he did by his statement next it will be a person.

  12. Avatar Of Phoebe



    I don’t see how the police can investigate themselves?? This case is being covered up n calls for an independent investigation!!!!!!

  13. Avatar Of Deanna



    That’s horrible. The poor dog never harmed anyone .They could’ve caught her but instead they killed an innocent family member who was lost and confused. This needs to stop !

  14. Avatar Of Kathy KATHY says:

    If the woman on Pit Pulls and Paroles can get a leash over a Pit Bulls head and contain them without scares? Why does a Policeman feel the need to cut the time to treat an animal in a humane way and say “Hey I got a gun, I will just shoot the dog.” He is a Hyped up cop we all do not want to meet. Shoot first get details later. I live near Portland Oregon and at times I wonder if a stun gun would not be a better thing to use. I worry about all the mentally ill people and people who don’t speak our language, I support a Policeman who protect us but just like anything else there are ones who are in it for the power and controll.

  15. Avatar Of J



    This fucking asshole needs not only to lose his job – he needs psychiatric help and he deserves jail time. What a completely useless waste of space! If I could get my hands on this psycho cop….What an absolutely horrific story. He’s a complete piece of shit. I really hope karma comes around fast for this loser!

  16. The owner has to take some responsibility here. The dog repeatedly got loose (jumped the fence) and roamed the neighborhood. The cop seems to have been wrong in shooting the dog, but the dog shouldn’t have been loose. If your dog is “family”, you protect her. The poor dog paid the price for the irresponsible owner and cop.

  17. Avatar Of Scott



    I wonder what that police chief is going to say on this douche bag cop feels he has the authority to indiscriminately shoot a citizen.

  18. Avatar Of Christine Latorre-Cuevas

    christine latorre-cuevas


    please not only fire this cop, hold him responsible for animal cruelty. this cop deserves a fine and prison time.

  19. Avatar Of Nancy Mantz

    Nancy Mantz


    I generally have a great deal of respect for police officers, but as in every profession, you have rotten apples who discredit their departments and law enforcement in general.
    This is obviously what we have here.
    What disturbs me is the trend nowadays to “militarize” police departments. Couple a few whackbjobs like this guy with a lot of firepower and dogs won’t be the only species in danger of getting shot.

  20. Avatar Of Laurie



    Don’t correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t serial killers usually start with abusing and killing animals. Is anyone doing a psych eval on this guy?? And don’t tell me they did any with his training. We see how well that went.

  21. Avatar Of Patti



    This “man” should not be allowed to own a gun or an animal…and certainly needs to lose his job and be mandated to mental health services!

  22. Avatar Of Lisa



    Even IF that poor dog did attack, to make that comment and brag about the thrill of the collar flying off, etc., clearly shows this guy has some serious issues. Does Oklahoma do background checks on their officers ? How about psychological evaluations prior to hire ? They may want to if not and if they did, then they may want to send this guy to be evaluated again. Then for the two of them to attempt to justify the actions, shows there was no threat to begin with. So, now not only does this town have a trigger happy hillbilly cop with the thrill of the kill, they have a liar as well. I’m very sorry for the loss of a family pet. But sounds like the whole area is in danger with this guy. This ahole is a timebomb. Guess he is compensating for something smaller on him, for trying to act like such a big guy. Wow, how cool was that killing a dog and watching the collar fly off. Real tough guy – NOT.

  23. Avatar Of Mikael



    folks this is oklahoma , they dont care about people, why do you think they care about dogs!!1

  24. Avatar Of Helen



    He should lose his job!Pay to have dog cremated and apologize to the owners.

  25. Avatar Of Lee



    Yes, this is a tragic incident, yes the owners should have been more careful about properly securing their dog and yes, the police officer is a vicious, sick twist. But the larger issue here is more and more frequently these types of psychopathic individuals are handed guns and a badge. Don’t get me wrong, I know of and appreciate the many fine people who go into law enforcement to actually protect and serve. But unfortunately, there are just as many who are downright sociopathic and use their position of authority to act out their psychopathic impulses under the protection of the law. Anyone notice it seems to be escalating? Was a time I would feel comforted to see a police car going by, not so much these days. Where is the legitimate panel that does a full psychological profile (and regular review) on anyone wanting to become a police officer? This should be more important to pass than any other skill or training needed to obtain the badge. Seems there’s nobody at the helm on that one.

  26. Avatar Of Jan Maxwell

    Jan Maxwell


    The actions of that officer are disgusting. He should be relieved of his position, as well as a civil suite filed against him. His statement of joy and excitement after killing the dog speaks to his cruel nature. If he did this and gets away with it, what’s to stop him from shooting a young teen. What? He just deems they were threatening him and shoots? What’s worse is the Police Department defending him.

  27. Avatar Of Dorie Dorie says:

    This is the worst form of abuse I’ve ever heard of! This so called policeman using his authority to kill a dog? What’s stopping him from shooting a person the next time. How do they even know it was the same dog that was bothering people? That poor family and their dog are now suffering their pets loss just because some trigger happy cop! He should be reprimanded and stripped of his power!

  28. Avatar Of Jodover



    What sort of character qualifies people involved in law enforcement in that part of the world? Both of those parties need an attitude adjustment. It is a wonder they didn’t just move on down the block and get rid of a few more pets, just for sport. It is so important that owners know their animals are secure to protect them from misguided people. I too have a fence but the dog only runs free when I am present and watching, otherwise she is tethered with 20 feet of cable to a ground stake. In the middle of the yard.

  29. Avatar Of Jonette



    The most hardened & dangerous criminals in our prisons started out killing animals and taking joy in their acts. This officer is a ticking bomb and a disgrace to all who uphold the law. Law enforcement professionals deserve our upmost respect for the job they do, this officer will never have it. May God comfort the family of Cali.

  30. Avatar Of Carol Coughlin

    Carol Coughlin


    This is dispicable!!! To shoot a dog for no damn good reason then laugh and lie
    aboutit?! BASTARD POS SOB He has no business being a cop!!! He’s a POG (Piece of Garbage)too. He should lose his job and be sued for everything he has (money, possecions badge, gun. He should never be allowedto be a cop ANYWHERE in the USA!!!

  31. Avatar Of Nancy Ferguson

    Nancy Ferguson


    The officer should have waited until animal control snow up. It sound like he didn’t try to catch the dog or to at least calm things .

  32. Avatar Of Tera



    This officer settled out of court last year for killing an unarmed man. Now he has moved onto dogs. Does this make any citizen feel safe?? And what example are they showing children by allowing an officer like this to roam the streets. The kids don’t feel safe for sure. He needs to be removed indefinitely from any position that’s affiliated with the law. He makes our good policemen and women look bad and that’s not fair to those good men and women who are doing their job and doing it for the right reason.

  33. Avatar Of Nancy



    Please this dog had a history and owner was told to contain on her property This is terrible how the police are getting smeared and how lies are being spread. The police made a statement and this poor dog owner did not even have a tag She admitted that Cali was known to jump fence and even went up at lot was ready to pay fine The neighborhood people were interviewed also. I can not believe how many folks have taken to this without facts, You read the facts and there is no way this will go to a lawsuit First when you know your dog and admit dog jumps you fix the fence second you tag your dog and you are responsible for keeping dog safe They can swear this into the dirt but I have to say this one is owner has to take blame If this guy is so bad and my dog was known to get out and roam I would take all measures to keep safe. You do not let roam in this world today I know cops are shooting dogs but this dog had history and was aggressive There has been death threats and the guy that runs the police page is not official news just bashing cop haters This crap about failing test excuse me those are confidential and a dept would never hire a cop they describe. I love my fur baby and yes I am involved in helping animals but I did not fall for this Yes there are some cops that are bad but please read facts she was aggressive and this statement he made or should say rumor that gut that said this was at work. Go to the different pages and different version on a couple. I feel for Cali but she deserved a better owner This is money motivated

    • Avatar Of David David says:

      Please read some of the history of this officer. And even if you don’t take into account his past, his comments before and after the shooting show a blatant disregard for life. On top of the fact that he had the time and the opportunity to retrieve his shotgun all but prove he was not in immediate danger nor was anyone else.

  34. Avatar Of Becky



    How many more of these incidents do we need to hear about police officers killing dogs before something is done about it? These guys need some training. There are so many other options. And this cop in particular sounds like such a sicko. No one with that kind of attitude should even be on the police force. Animal control should have been the ones to handle this situation–they capture plenty of loose dogs without killing them. As for all the people saying the dog shouldn’t have been loose–can you honestly say that your own dog has never escaped the yard or run out the door? You do everything you can to prevent it from happening…but there can always be that one time…I hope to God that if one of my dogs get out somehow that there is not a trigger-happy psychopath like this guy out there.

  35. Avatar Of Bonnie



    Pit’s got a bad rap.
    I felt they were evil dogs until my daughter got one for my grand daughter at the age of 3.
    My heart fell in love with him. He was so smart and lovable.
    Then she got another one…oh my adorable, lovable half human.
    Some policemen feel they have the right to do many other horrible things than to shot family pits. The list of their unlawful ways is disgusting.
    This officer needs to pay for his lack of love of animals. What next humans?
    He is scary to me…May father God have mercy on his soul and may Jesus Christ bless the evil doer. Amen:

  36. Avatar Of Kristy Jackson

    Kristy Jackson


    I agree with everything u said. Ive owned 5 BOXERS and 1 SHEPARD it is very hard to keep any dog in afnce if they figure out a way to excape. Mine have jumped a 6 ft fence, chewed thru a electrial fence, dig out everyway they could. But luckly we live in the woods so they always would come back. None of my dogs ever threated anyone, i would like this officer to have to pay a huge fine and just maybe loose his gun!!! If he shot a human, they would be investgating like crazy. Our animals are a part if our family. They have rights snd feelings too. For this IDOT to say look at the way her collar flew off her head, it shows what a dip shit he is in general. I pray the owners get some kind of justice for her. Nothing will ever replace a dog u loved so much but it may help the family to get another dog and start over, always remembering sweet CALI . GOD BLESS EVERYONE INVOLVED! Message from GEORGIA. TAKE CARE!

  37. Avatar Of Lois



    I’m deeply saddened by the behavior of these officers whom we are supposed to respect and look up to. Despicable criminals get considerably better treatment than a four legged creature protecting it’s home. (even if the criminal charges/kicks/bits/fights/snarls) at officers. Animal control has devices to manage dogs that are not in control…all that being said. The dogs owners should have taken better measures to ensure their pet could not get out of their yard. I am so very sorry for their loss however, I know my world would collapse if someone did that to one of my pets.

  38. Avatar Of Arjun Bharath

    arjun bharath


    I want Son of Bitch’s fucking head blow off and he should feel the slow death.. If i get that opportunity His death ll is in my hands..

  39. Avatar Of Liz



    I would have to say that I would be afraid of this police officer. They are there to serve and protect, not kill. It’s like shoot first ask later. These officers need a lot more training before going on a call about a dog. Animal control should be the one to take action. Do they shoot and kill an animal, not that I have ever heard of. If police are to take action then they should only be allowed to use a dart sedative and nothing else. People kill animals not the gun.

  40. Avatar Of Mary Oneil

    Mary Oneil


    This cop had no right doing what he did. People are expected to respect or trust someone who acted so irresponsibly. He needs to be fired.

  41. Avatar Of Kris



    This is crazy. He doesn’t deserve to be a police officer. If it was someone out of law enforcement they would be charged. In my opinion this is just as bad as shooting a child that got loose.

  42. Avatar Of Dan



    Just because the officer was an a-hole and made stupid comments does not mean he did not have justification to feel his life was threatened by a pit bull running at him, and coming close enough to fatally shoot him with a shotgun.

    • Avatar Of Zach



      That doesn’t make sense. Did you not listen to the video or read the article? It clearly says something along the lines of deputy dipshit telling the animal control officer that “they’ll just write in the report that it was acting aggressively towards people” like it didn’t even happen.

    • Avatar Of Katharina



      The dog did not in any way charge at the officer. He checked out the situation, went back to get his shotgun then proceeded to shoot the poor dog. He then turns to the animal control person, brags, laughs then states how he will lie to cover his ass. There is no justification in that. He could have let animal control do the job THEY were called to do but he didn’t and he also bragged about another dog he shot prior to this incident. Maybe you should base your comments on facts and eye witness testimony instead of making assumptions based on partial knowledge and ignorance.

  43. Avatar Of Leonard M Kaplan

    Leonard M Kaplan


    The dog was out of it yard but have you heard of a taser? This would have stop the dog and then the pound could could have looped him. The thing that makes this Bad is the cop laughing after killing a beloved pet and part off the family.

  44. Avatar Of Annette Smith

    Annette Smith


    Very sad situation — But where were the owners, and why was this dog allowed to run loose. Shame on the owners. The dog is the one who paid the ultimate price. As for the behavior of the officer, why was he the one in charge when there was an Animal Control Officer there. Sounds as though the officer does have a problem — But again, this wouldn’t have happened if the owners had been more responsible and kept their precious pet out of harms way!

  45. Avatar Of Lois



    I hate what this officer did. It was horrific. But the dog had been roaming the streets before and it was up to its owners to keep it in. Pet owners have a responsibility to take care of their dogs. When my little one crawled under the fence I made an effort to fill the hole with gravel. Their are dangers outside of the yard, in my case, cars. In this dog’s case, it was obviously the police officer.

  46. Avatar Of Hams



    While the officer did not handle the situation properly this incident is 100% the owners fault. Had the owner kept the dog contained, after escaping multiple times, this would have never happened.

    • Avatar Of Dan



      Amen. Especially a pit bull… These kinds of owners are why they have the bad rep they do. Be responsible with a dog. I am a longtime dog owner and know the responsibilities that go along with owning one. If that was a kid that a dog was running at, can any of you truly say you are waiting to see if it licks or mauls the kid…? Disregard the comments by the officer and look at the situation.

      • Avatar Of Stephanie



        Maybe I’m missing something, but nowhere is it said that this dog repeatedly escaped. And even if she had escaped before, some dogs are simply escape artists. They slip leashes and harnesses, they leap over 6-foot fences and dig holes to go under them. And she wasn’t running at a child; she was running at a full grown man who almost certainly had other tools at his disposal–a taser, a baton, his brain?

        • Avatar Of Hams



          Did you watch the video? The owner admitted the dog had gotten loose before and roamed the neighborhood. If you have an escape artist dog then you keep it in a kennel for your dog’s safety.

          • Avatar Of Chris



            The animal control officer who was at the scene is trained on how to handle these animals. I guarantee you that shooting them with a shotgun is not textbook and should only be used as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted.

        • Avatar Of Monica Gaskin

          Monica Gaskin


          What brain?

        • Avatar Of Debbie



          I was wondering the same thing. There was nothing in the article about the dog escaping before this incident. And while I agree the officer was wrong for his actions, I agree with Damian about the language being used. A strong valid statement can be made without all the vulgarity.

      • Avatar Of Andrea



        While the owners should have made sure the dog stayed in the yard, that is sometimes easier said than done. I know plenty of “escape artist” dogs that have escaped.
        However, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for an officer to shoot a dog. That is a sign of an immoral and very disgusting human. So what if it is a pit bull, they are some of the nicest dogs out there.
        People like you do not educate yourselves on these breeds and instead listen to how the media portrays them. Shame on you.
        Pitbulls are less aggressive than many other household dog breeds. Using the breed as an excuse to kill the dog is just pathetic. I would like to see jail time for this office , and his position suspended.

      • Avatar Of Kblack



        “Especially a pit bull.” Typical response from the ignorant. People like you are the reason they have a bad rep. And sadists that train them to be aggressive. You continue to perpetuate the myth that pits are a bad breed. Complete bull. Apparently you aren’t looking at the situation yourself. This was a loving family pet, one that slept with the family no less. This was not a dog that was abused or taught to fight or shown any aggression. Witnesses say the dog was not charging this ass of a cop, yet you choose not to believe that. Witnesses say that the cop had time to get out of his car, go to see the situation, went back to his car to get a rifle and immediately just shot the dog. Then laughed and boasted about it. He must have some sort of super power to do all that so fast if this dog were truly charging him. Add the lying on the report (witnesses again) and that this is repeat behavior for him. And you STILL think he was in the right? You blatantly buy into the garbage on the news over all, this “studies show” crap about pits being responsible for 60% of fatal dog bites. Why don’t you pick up on “one study shows”, or better yet, go look at the actual temperament testing done by a reputable source, not those who simply want to paint the breed in a bad light? Ignorant. I am so sick of narrow minded, uninformed idiots. I have worked with many dogs FOR A LIVING, a good number of them being pits. Chihuahuas scare me far worse. It’s the upbringing and treatment that make the pet, not the breed. And what you DON’T see on the news are the wonderful things pits are known for. They are the “nanny dog” for their love of children, they have saved peoples’ lives. This incident, and people with your mentality, are ridiculously unacceptable. Get educated.

      • Avatar Of Susan



        Dan, you’re a long-time dog owner, and not one of your pets has EVER escaped? A dog never dug under the fence, jumped over the fence, sneaked out when you answered the doorbell, or slipped its collar? REALLY? Never ever? Do you keep it tied to a tree 24 hours a day or locked in a kennel? We installed $7000 worth of fencing and our dogs have been known to shove their way past me and out the gate while I carried in bags of groceries. Do you think it would have been 100% correct for some sorry red-neck cop to have blown my dog’s head off its body and laughed? I live in Oklahoma, and this is certainly not the first time a police officer has done this. A cop from Roland, OK, pulled over a car on Interstate 40, ordered the entire family out of their car, and shot the agitated family dog in front of the children. That’s the way it’s done, and there is no recourse because you can’t win a battle against someone who is above the law.

    • Avatar Of Bonnie Massicotte

      bonnie massicotte


      it did not say she got loose multiple times! it said ‘after she jumped over the fence, escaping the backyard.

      After receiving several reports of the dog running loose and acting aggressively,

      • Avatar Of Lee Hardy

        Lee Hardy


        Watch the above video with the sound on! The owner admitted that the dog had gotten out before. Also that she knows of the bad rap that they get. My cousin had a covered outside chain link kennel for her lab mixes for when she was not at home. With doghouses. And they, too, were great with little kids. BUT the officer needs to be let go for his lousy attitude. The dog threatened neither him nor a child – she was probably hanging out at the park she knew her little charge played in, in hopes she would show up.

    • Avatar Of John



      ur a fucking asshole mother fucker… so its ok for a cop to kill n animal n then u got the balls to blame the owne???let it be ur fucking dog

  47. Avatar Of Dee Twitchell

    Dee Twitchell


    It sounds like the officer enjoys killing. If I was the owner I would sue the pants off of him. You don’t laugh at the situation even if the dog had been aggressive. Hate people like that! He abused his power and we all know it.

    • Avatar Of Greg W

      Greg W


      Don’t waste your time even thinking about a lawsuit making a difference in a case like this. Pets are considered to be property, and cities and police departments have lawyers. We had a case years ago where negligence at a local vet nearly killed our dog and left him scarred for life. We sued. The lawyers for the vet laughed at us. We paid for our attorney and learned that, even if we won, the most we could get would be the money for a replacement dog.

  48. Avatar Of Carrie



    oh give me a break with all them bloody excuses abt dogs n them being wild all i see is ppl going wild especially the damn! officers n it’s a game for them now so dont make me shot each n everyone of u bloody officers for killing innocent dogs with out a reason coz my reason wl be u came after me like a wild man n i had to shoot u

  49. Avatar Of Dennis Fischer

    dennis fischer


    what kind of evil motherfuckers are they hiring to keep the peace? this pig should be shot & laughed at when his fucken head flies off.

    • Avatar Of Damian



      I’ll guess the same kind of respect less guy as all those people who are using all kind of words like “mother****” and “fu****ad”. That kind of respect less people.
      Yes this officer is wrong and he needs to be disciplined but that doesn’t mean you have to lower your self to his level. Have a nice day.

      • Avatar Of Mm



        Agreed. And using the p-word is even worse. They aren’t animals. He was bad and needs to be fired, but don’t generalize either.

    • Avatar Of Zach



      Welcome to the new America.

  50. Avatar Of Ronda Bailey

    Ronda Bailey


    This is despicable! What is wrong with people? ESPECIALLY an officer of the law! What kind of an example did he set by doing something so horrible? He needs to be fired and brought up on animal abuse charges!!!!!!

    • Avatar Of Debra Nadasky

      Debra Nadasky


      Cops get away with murder and the same with animals, because there a cop!!! Bullshit on you piece of Shit, I would take your ugly ass to the highest court and nail your ass to a train track and leave your ass there!!!

      • Avatar Of Dana Ward

        dana ward


        I agree with you totally. In fact, many people who think they are higher than you, get away with killing animals or humans without reason!

    • Avatar Of Ruben



      As I said it before, I say it again, we do have a gun problem in America and it begins with the Police force. They should walk around like the French used to with nothing but a stick, handcuffs and pepper spray ( too many deranged officers out there ) to enforce the laws, not to abuse their authority. I guess they don’t hire men in the Police force, but irresponsible kids that cannot control their desire to kill. By the way, I am an ex-cop.

      • Avatar Of Chris



        I couldn’t agree more. Many police officers are ex-military where they spent their time senselessly murdering other populations, bred to be machines without any sense of dignity, morals, or respect for life. Sure they will play the card…”but I’m a father, a family man, a Christian.” If you are then someone should call child protective services because anyone without restraint that will do this to an animal will definitely do it to a child, spouse, or other person. This article makes me sick to my stomach, I pray that this officer and the animal control officer (who was an accomplice to this murder) are both relieved of their duties and a their records stained red with blood.

    • Avatar Of Karen Linton

      Karen Linton


      Yes the question is why? Did you know that the first sign of a serial killer is abuse towards animals?

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