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PA Patrol Officer’s Heroic Efforts to Rescue Badly Injured Dog

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Patrol officer Nick Ague carried Mya, a 75-lb German Shepherd, over his shoulder when the pup’s paw pads were severely injured on hot asphalt. Photo courtesy South Londonberry Township Police.

Pennsylvania patrol officer Nick Ague is a true hero in his South Londonberry Township and in the eyes of dog lovers around the nation.

Responding to reports of a car accident on August 11, Ague heard on his police radio that two dogs had been involved and had fled the scene. While one dog had been successfully captured, the other, a German Shepherd, was moving west and evading police.

Ague and his fellow officers set out to find the dog, named Mya. They quickly located her, but every time they stopped the patrol cars, she would dart off again.

When her owner arrived, Mya suddenly stopped running. It quickly became clear that she wasn’t just tired of running after nearly 2 miles later, but that she was severely injured.

Mya had not been injured in the auto accident, but as a result of running for so long on the scorching, hot asphalt.

“The dog was not moving because the skin on the pads of her feet was hanging, presumably because of the distance she ran,” Ague explained to ABC News. “She ran two miles from the crash on hot asphalt.

So, Ague did the only thing he could do to help the hurt girl, he hoisted her 75-lbs onto his shoulder and carried her 100-yards to her owner’s car.

Fellow officers captured Ague’s heroism on camera and posted the image to their Facebook page, where friends, fans, and grateful dog lovers from around the nation have expressed their thanks.

As for Mya, she’s safely back at home with her family and recovering from her wounds. Her paw pads have almost completely healed and she’s up and walking normally again.

Let this triumphant story serve as a reminder of two important lessons. Number one, there ARE good people in this world that do the right things for animals. And, number two, dogs can become severely injured by walking on hot asphalt. If the ground is too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for your dog’s bare paws, too.

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  1. Avatar Of Toni Toni says:


  2. Avatar Of Toni Toni says:

    That is so hurt-warming to read! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Avatar Of Dawn M. Goodman

    Dawn M. Goodman


    Animals all over the world need heroes in this day and age.

  4. Avatar Of Carol Chappina

    Carol Chappina


    Thank You so much Officer Ague for helping rescue poor Mya.

  5. Avatar Of Hilda Vilches

    Hilda Vilches


    Bless Officer Ague!!

  6. Avatar Of Gail



    beautiful …. Hooray for wonderful people who do the right thing….

  7. Avatar Of Sally Wallis

    sally wallis


    Nice to see something really positive after all the dreadful stories of officers shooting dogs.

  8. Avatar Of Ann



    Words are just not enough, to explain how the tears in my eyes can tell the officer the hope he has given to my heart. So often we hear only of the negative, and I salute him on not only giving the family their friend back, but also giving me the joy of knowing that there are truly those who still continue to care regardless if they perhaps are not human. Thank You

  9. Avatar Of Lindsey



    I really enjoyed reading this. Of course there are good people out there but you don’t usually hear many stories like this. People are so bent on getting the horror stories out there that not many “happy endings” get shared.

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