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Pair of Minnesota Dogs Called 911 More Than a Dozen Times

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While a lot of dogs act like their humans leaving the house is cause for alarm, two Minnesota dogs called 911 more than a dozen times when their parents left them home alone.

After receiving a 911 call and only hearing barking in the background, officers from Minnesota’s Lakeville Police Department visited the home of Remy and Bomber, a pair of PAW-tners in crime, only to discover that no one was home.

Officers rang the doorbell and walked around the home, but after no one responded, they began to leave. That’s when they learned that there’d actually been 16 calls made to the emergency hotline from inside the home. They finally reached the homeowner who told them how to access the residence through the garage.

“(We) went upstairs to his office to where the cellphone was, it was on the desk, it was on emergency call only, so in theory a dog could’ve called 911, and pushed the phone with its paw,” Officer Roberts told KMSP. “Our assumption is the dogs were having a rough day and it was the dogs that were seeking assistance through 911.”

Luckily, the pair were just fine. The phone had been set to “emergency only” mode, meaning it only needed to be bumped to dial the emergency call line. Perhaps the pair were just trying to take a selfie?

Lakeville Police joked that they advised the paw-petrators of proper 911 etiquette.

Of course, it’s quite possible Remy and Bomber considered being home alone and out of biscuits a true emergency!

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