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Pancake-Stealing Dog Sets House on Fire, Takes a Nap

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A Massachusetts dog is taking some heat after the hungry, thieving pooch helped himself to some leftover pancakes and set the house on fire in the process – then took a nap as alarms sounded in the background.

The video above, posted to Facebook by the Southwick Massachusetts Fire Department, should serve as a warning to not leave food unattended with dogs in the home, and to put safeguards into place that prevent accidental fire.

Last week, the Southwick Fire Department shared a three-minute video from a home security system. In the surveillance video, a Golden Retriever is seen walking toward the kitchen stove, apparently looking for food.

The dog then pulls a plate of leftover, unattended pancakes off of the stove and enjoys a snack while his owners were away.

According to the fire department, while helping himself to a snack, the dog pressed the ignition switch on the gas stove. Within minutes, items on the stove began to catch fire.

Eventually the home began to fill with smoke, triggering multiple smoke and fire alarms throughout the home – and triggering another Golden to join his troublemaking brother on the sofa for a smoke-filled nap.

Although the homeowners were away when the fire started, the home’s monitored alarm system notified first responders who put out the blaze before damage became severe and life-threatening to the napping pups.

The fire department urge homeowners with pets or small children to invest in stove control covers to prevent accidental fire.

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