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Is Peanut Butter For Dogs Safe?

Is Peanut Butter for Dogs okay and safe to feed to them? (Normal peanut butter, that is — not the salmonella-contaminated brands we’ve heard so much about in the news recently, obviously!)

You are probably aware of the fact that there are several human foods that can actually be harmful or fatal to dogs and other pets. One most commonly suspected foods is peanut butter, and some owners are afraid to feed it to their dog. But in this article, we will clarify the real effects of peanut butter for dogs.

First of all, let us recap what peanut butter is. Peanut butter is a great sandwich spread for humans, which is a food paste that comes from finely ground dry roasted peanuts. The US and China are the world’s leading exporters of peanut butter, and the spread is most commonly used together in combination with other foods, such as the famous peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

There are many vitamins and minerals and other healthy compounds that are known to be present in peanut butter, such as vitamin B3, protein, magnesium, vitamin E, dietary fiber, folate, arginine and p-coumaric acid, an antioxidant.

In most recipes, peanut butter can be combined with chocolate, cheese, meat, and sauces and even made into cookies or bread.

Peanut Butter For Dogs

In the dog’s case, some dog foods may not have all the ingredients, vitamins and nutrients that are needed by his body and system to keep him healthy. But there is good news:  peanut butter can supply most or all of those missing components that your dog needs. So do not fear – while many other foods out there that are fed to dogs can cause dog poisoning, kidney or liver problems, obesity and even death, peanut butter is definitely NOT one of the problem foods.

Peanut butter can be added to your regular dog food as a food supplement, because it contains Vitamin E (as mentioned above) and vitamin H (Biotin, another B vitamin).  Vitamin H helps a lot in keeping your dog’s coat shiny, healthy and also helps your dog’s skin to stay healthy, just as it does in humans. It can also help in strengthening of the nails. On the other hand, Vitamin E can help your dog’s immune system, to help him fight against diseases, illnesses and sickness. As you can see, peanut butter actually has many good nutritional effects for your canine friend.

There are different kinds of peanut butter to choose from for feeding your dog. As much as possible, choose the organic and raw peanut butter, preferably those without salt, sugar or any other preservatives. This is to ensure that your dog is free of toxins and chemicals, and that the nutrients and vitamins are at maximum to benefit his system and his taste buds. It can also help prevent him from getting obese from sugar and toxins.

Shopping on the market for peanut butter-flavored treats is quite easy, as most dog treats already have peanut butter as the main flavor for your buddy to enjoy. Some vets even recommend filling rubber dog toys with peanut butter.

Dog’s absolutely love it, so don’t be afraid to use it. And here’s a great tip for using peanut butter for dogs: when you have to give your dog a pill, completely bury the pill in peanut butter. You’ll have no trouble getting him to take the pill!

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