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Pet-Safe Lawn & Garden Nutrients that Beautify Your Yard While Protecting Your Dog

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by Annaliese Olson

Having a beautiful lawn as a pet owner can be tricky when trying to keep your lawn weed free while also protecting your fur babies. There are some lawn chemicals that can be harmful or even deadly to pets if ingested in large quantities.

As a pet owner, be sure to ditch the harsh, dangerous chemicals and use these pet-safe lawn and garden nutrients in order to have a lush lawn and a healthy pet!

Pet-Safe Lawn

Creating your own nitrogen rich compost is a great way to add a natural fertilizer to your lawn that won’t harm pets. Compost can be created by adding food scraps, grass clippings, and leaves together and allowing time to break down the ingredients. Composting can be done year round, is a great way to make your lawn care eco-friendly as it acts as a natural fertilizer. One of the best parts about compost is that it is a free additive that can be created within a few months time.

As a natural item that is rich in nitrogen, seaweed is a great option to use as fertilizer for a lawn. Seaweed is most commonly found as a liquid spray but it can also be found ground up into a powder. Seaweed is usually marketed as kelp meal and provides over 70 vitamins and minerals including macro-nutrients like phosphorus and potassium.

Pet-Safe Lawn

Fish Emulsion
As a pet-safe fertilizer that is also very stinky, fish emulsion may be a bit too appealing to some pets that want to dig it up. However, it is released quickly into the soil so applying in an area where pets won’t be for a few days would be enough time to keep them from digging it up. Fish emulsion is powerful and can burn plants if you use too much so use it sparingly.

Choose Organic or Natural
There are plenty of products on the market that offer natural yet effective ways to care for a lawn and garden. Look for pet-safe options that are purposely created for safe use in a lawn and garden that also has pets. These organic or natural products will not only keep pets healthy but will also cut down on the amount of chemicals that are brought into the house on shoes and furry pet feet.

Create Your Own Spray
Many natural products can be made right from things that you already keep on hand in your kitchen. Insects and pests don’t like the smell of vinegar and creating a vinegar spray will help to deter them from eating your plants. Vinegar is safe for plants as well as pets making it an easy choice for a natural pesticide that you can create at home.

Pet-Safe Lawn

Keeping a beautiful lawn and garden area that is also pet friendly is easy to do. Choose from a wide variety of natural lawn products or create your own at home that are safe for plants and dogs. Other widespread options include seaweed or fish emulsion that can be purchased at a local garden center. For free lawn care products that are also pet safe consider starting a compost pile in order to have enough to spread around the lawn next year. Keep your lawn and pets healthy during the growing season by using products that are safe for them both.

Annaliese Olson is a gardening and animal care writer. When she moved to the city from her family’s farm she decided she needed more nature in her life. She is dedicated to urban farming, she loves to creatively discover spaces for gardens to blossom in her city home.

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