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Petsitter Charged with Animal Cruelty After Leaving Dog in Hot Car to Go Shopping

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Police rescued a dog locked inside a hot car and charged a petsitter with animal cruelty after she was found shopping while the dog was trapped and suffering.

On Saturday afternoon, two Franklin, Tennessee police officers found a dog showing signs of distress while inside a parked vehicle with the windows slightly cracked and all doors locked.

The dog was sitting in the front seat, painting heavily and shaking, without any access to water. Police unlocked the vehicle and, along with a good Samaritan, provided water and made efforts to cool the dog down.

Police were able to contact the dog’s owner who informed them that the dog was left in the care of a petsitter while they were traveling to Miami. The dog’s owner then contacted the sitter while she shopped. As police tended to the dog, 29-year old Brianne Hernandez returned to her car where she was met by police.

FOX 17 reporter Justin McFarland happened to be on scene as the situation unfolded and recorded the events:

Hernandez was issued a citation for animal cruelty.

Despite learning of the petsitter’s actions, the dog’s owner gave police permission for the dog to be returned to her.

Hernandez is due to appear in court to face animal cruelty charges on July 6.

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