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Police Rescue Dog Locked in Hot Car While Owner Gets Her Nails Done

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A woman was arrested after Miramar, Florida police and firefighters rescued a dog from her hot car while she was being pampered inside a nearby nail salon.

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When police arrived at a south Florida parking lot in response to calls about a distressed dog locked in a hot car, firefighters were already on scene, trying desperately to save the dog’s life.

Miramar Police said firefighters had already pulled the dog named “Chop” from the car parked at a shopping plaza after noticing the dog was heavily panting and not able to lift itself up. According to an arrest affidavit, a firefighter said the dog went limp in his hands and was on the verge of death. Firefighters put the dog inside the air-conditioned fire truck, wrapped him in cold blankets, and gave him water.

When they checked the temperature inside the car, the thermometer registered an error. Firefighters said this is what happens when it tries to read a temperature above 107-degrees.

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Noriah Clark, 19 | Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Police located the owner of the car inside a nearby salon where she was getting a manicure. Noriah Clark,19, admitted she left the dog in the car with the windows cracked while she was in the salon. When informed of Chop’s condition, police said Clark showed no remorse, saying “it’s not even my dog, it’s my boyfriend’s.”

Clark was arrested on animal torture charges and booked into the Broward County Jail. Chop recovered and was returned to his owner.

Panicked, hopeless, and unable to cool down, many dogs left in hot cars die each year. The temperature inside a parked car on a warm day, even with the windows slightly open, can reach 160 degrees or above, causing potential brain damage, heatstroke, and death—all in a matter of minutes. When it’s hot outside, leave dogs at home.

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