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Police Rescue Dog Locked in Hot Car Parked on Las Vegas Strip

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It was more than 100-degrees outside when Las Vegas Metro Police rescued a dog found locked in a hot car parked on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called to a parking garage on the Las Vegas Strip when a concerned citizen discovered a dog locked inside a parked car. Captain Dori Koren said it was 108-degrees when LVMPD arrived at the scene.

Once in the parking garage, they found the dog in distress, panting heavily and struggling to breathe. Officers, along with Clark County Animal Control broke into the vehicle and moved the dog to a police cruiser to cool down.

The latest rescue comes just days after LVMPD Officers rescued multiple dogs from hot cars throughout the city.

In July, two dogs were left with no food or water in a Planet Hollywood parking lot amid 115-degree heat. The dogs had been in the car for about 4 hours before they were found.

A day later, LVMPD was called to a Goodwill parking lot where they found a dog in distress inside a hot car. An Animal Control officer on the scene recognized the dog as one that had only been returned to her owner 3-days earlier after being rescued from a different hot car.

That same day, while temperatures in Las Vegas soared to a record-breaking 117-degrees, officers were called to the Strip to rescue a dog that had been left in a parked car for more than 5 hours.

Police and animal lovers are becoming increasingly frustrated over these incidents. Warnings are put out every summer, every year. Yet, people continue to leave dogs locked inside hot cars. It’s particularly unnerving in places experiencing triple-digit heat. Even when it’s only 80-degrees outside, a dog can become seriously injured in only a few minutes inside a hot car.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    Please we have to punish these idiots more harshly! Give the public their names abd addresses so we can put them in a hot car!

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