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Pit Bull Saves Cat from Coyote Attack

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A Florida family is dog-sitting Jack, a friend’s pit bull, while his owner serves in Afghanistan. But, more than just man’s best friend, Jack has quickly become this Florida family’s cat’s best friend!

While the little grey and white cat lounged outside last week, a pair of coyotes considered making a meal out of the tiny feline. That’s when Jack sprung into action, scaring off the coyotes and saving the cat’s life.

Now, the pair are inseparable! Check out the video below:

Video Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat From Coyote Attack

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  1. Avatar Of Ladonna Crowe

    LaDonna Crowe


    Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs i have a pit and a pit mix you coulnd’t ask for better tempered dogs, and Chloe my pit bull loves to cuddle.

  2. Avatar Of Mimi Gerard

    Mimi Gerard


    Love those pit bulls, they are wonderful, sweet dogs who get a bad rap

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