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Playtime Ends in Tragedy As Dog Becomes Trapped Beneath Kiddie Pool

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Wrigley was a 1-year old Bulldog who absolutely loved playing in the water. His human mom brought him to Camp Bow Wow in Naples, Florida 3 days a week to play and socialize while she was at work. Naturally, the water-loving dog enjoyed playing in and around the plastic pools at the day care center.

“Wrigley loved the pool. He was a dog that just couldn’t get enough of the pool,” explains Camp Bow Wow owner, Isel Tiziano.

It was the hottest time of the day. No one noticed that Wrigley was missing. It wasn’t until a shift-change when an employee of the day care lifted a plastic doggy pool and found Wrigley underneath, unresponsive.

“Unfortunately, he came and got underneath the pool, batted at it and somehow it fell on him,” said Tiziano.

Wrigley’s family is, of course, devastated, but also concerned for the apparent negligence that even allowed this tragedy to happen.

“This was her child, literally her child,” Sarah Bliss, a friend of Wrigley’s mother, explained to WINK. “The whole family is devastated. I have never heard of anything so negligent.

Wrigley’s mom was too distraught to talk but Bliss says with 24 hour video cameras and staff someone at Camp Bow Wow should have noticed what happened. “He would have barked–for a pool to have fallen and nobody to–it just doesn’t sit,” says Bliss. “It doesn’t sit right at all. It shouldn’t of happened.”

Camp Bow Wow employees rushed Wrigley to a veterinarian, but it was too late, he had already passed.

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