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Police Asking for Help to Find Duct-Taped Dog’s Owner

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Via Darlington County Sheriff'S Office.
Via Darlington County Sheriff’s Office.

Police is Darlington County, South Carolina are seeking the public’s help in identifying the owner of a dog found abandoned, her face and muzzle bound with duct tape.

Deputies with the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office were alerted to the dog’s location by an anonymous tip, according to a post on the agency’s Facebook page.

The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office, is seeking the public’s help with locating the owner of or any information relating to an injured dog found on April 4, 2016. Deputies received an anonymous call about a dog walking around in the 900 block of Rogers Road in Darlington. When deputies arrived they found a black in color dog that had his mouth and head taped with duct tape. The deputies were able to catch the dog and safely remove the tape. The dog was taken to Darlington County Animal Shelter for care and treatment.

Caregivers at the animal shelter have named her “Aurora” and say the very sweet, gentle Great Dane mix deserves better.

“Aurora was found wandering with her mouth taped SHUT! With tape around her head and mouth, someone let her loose to fend for herself! We are horrified!,” explained a post on the DarlingtonCounty Humane Society Rescue’s website.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office at 843-398-4501 or 843-398-4920.

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  1. Avatar Of Tara



    NO one can tell me that there isn’t another human in that area that knows NOthing about the human that inflicted this torment, or the doggie him/herself…..STOP CLOSING YOUR EYES!!!
    STOP TURNING YOUR BACK!!! one of these times, someone is going to stab you in that back you’ve turned because you’ve refused to do what’s right…to stand up and speak out…for those who have no voice..and need humans that will protect them and treat them as The One who created them to be treated.
    all who do NOthing are just about as guilty as the inflicter…..and just perpetuate the abuse that society feels they have a right to inflict on other living beings…human and animal!!!
    get over yourselves….and consider others….at least as MUCH as your selfish selves

  2. Avatar Of Julie



    How cruel I hope they find who did this!

  3. Avatar Of De



    When you find the owners, KILL THE F****** BASTARDS, THEY DONT DESERVE TO LIVE, F****** LOWLIVES,

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